Episode 74

Lunar Abundance with Ezzie Spencer

May 31, 2016

Ezzie Spencer is the creator of Lunar Abundance, and is on the podcast today to talk with us about using the cycles of the moon to create abundance in their live, nurture their creativity, and set some serious goals.

Episode Transcript
"The moon represents our feeling world, our emotional world, our subconscious."
- Ezzie Spencer

Discussed in this Episode

  • Ezzie's journey from lawyer to Lunar Abundance creator (5:19)
  • Yin and Yang moon phases / Cycles of work and rest (13:12)
  • Lunar Abundance as self care (26:00)
  • Setting intentions with the new moon (27:54)
  • Does the moon actually make a difference in our lives? (38:40)
  • Aligning yourself with the moon cycles and checking in with yourself (43:19)

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