Episode 82

Feeling Good in Work & Life

July 26, 2016

Today we’re talking details about the tools we use to feel good in work and life—including our Work/Life Balance Worksheet and our 4 Business Questions Worksheet. We’re talking about what it means to feel good in work and life physically, mentally, and emotionally, and we’re getting specific about mindset, money, work-life, and growth that gets us there.

Episode Transcript
"When it comes to work/life balance, how you feel in life is how you're going to feel in work."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Coming back from a summer break / pause in recording + what we've been working on lately (1:17)
  • Checking in with how you want to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally (8:52)
  • Health care vs. self-care: What the most luxurious self-care looks like for us (11:31)
  • What makes us feel physically drained (14:29)
  • Finding your work/life balance mentally: (16:54)
  • Finding mental separation in work time vs. free time (23:01)
  • Finding your highest vibing emotion (31:46)
  • Behave as if you feel connected/confident/boss/happy (36:02)
  • 4 Business Questions (46:06)
    • Mindset: how do you want to feel?
    • Money: How much money do you WANT to make?
    • Worklife: How many hours do you want to work?
    • Growth: Where will you seek help first?

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