Episode #81 // Business as an Artist with Brenda Mangalore

July 19, 2016

Today we’re talking with artist and painter, Brenda Mangalore. Brenda was a former client of both Kathleen and Emily, and we were so impressed with her philosophy on taking criticism, selling her work, and being a total boss while doing it, that we had to have her on the show to talk more!

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"When receiving criticism, you have to realize that your work is from you, but it isn't you."
- Brenda Mangalore

Discussed in this Episode

  • Brenda's creative journey (2:41)
  • The difference between a great job and your dream job (5:34)
  • Picturing your ideal day and making that a reality (16:29)
  • Receiving feedback and criticism as a creative (20:45)
  • Creating a business out of art (27:54)
  • The value of art and selling your art (31:33)
  • How to "give it away for free" as an artist (36:39)
  • Being a business person in addition to an artist (50:39)
  • Advice for creatives who are trying to find more time to work on their art (54:17)


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