Episode 80

Sleep Like a Boss with Christine Hansen

July 12, 2016

Today we’re talking with sleep boss, Christine Hansen, about how to get a solid night’s sleep to allow you to wake up refreshed, with more energy, and ready to tackle your day and rock your business like a boss.

Episode Transcript
"If you really want to be at the top of your game, you cannot allow yourself to sacrifice sleep."
- Christine Hansen

Discussed in this Episode

  • The importance of sleep for creative entrepreneurs (4:46)
  • Ramifications of not getting enough sleep (6:47)
  • How much sleep should we be getting? (12:27)
  • How to prioritize sleep in your life (16:32)
  • What to do when you have trouble falling asleep (18:22)
  • How to know whether or not you're getting quality sleep (23:37)
  • The different levels of sleep (25:21)
  • Common things people do wrong when it comes to sleep (27:35)
  • Screen time and sleep (34:48)
  • Foods that promote healthy sleep (37:01)
  • Nighttime routines (45:41)
  • What to do when you're dealing with kids who don't sleep (48:05)

Resources Mentioned