August 16, 2016

Episode #85 // Organizing and Attending Conferences & Retreats with Kristy Oustalet

Today we want to talk about conferences, retreats, and the importance of OFFLINE connections! We’re talking about what it takes to put on your own conference or retreat – and we thought we’d invite our friend Kristy Oustalet on to chat with us about this. We first met Kristy when she attended our very first Being Boss Vacation in NOLA. She runs her own conference in New Orleans called VenturePOP and offered some generous guidance to us newbies that we want to share with you all!

Going to a conference resets your whole mindset about your business and where you want to go. Click To Tweet Everyone is at a conference to meet other people. You're not weird for saying hello. Click To Tweet We always want the event to grow and then everyone remembers the good times when it was small. Click To Tweet A conference is like a vacation for your business. You're able to get away from the daily grind. Click To Tweet Starting a conference isn't necessarily a money making venture, but I do think over time it is. Click To Tweet

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"Going to a conference resets your whole mindset about your business and where you want to go."
- Kristy Oustalet


  • The importance of connecting offline with other creatives
  • Our favorite conferences and retreats
  • How to get the most out of a conference
  • Dealing with conferences as an introvert
  • Starting your own conference or meetup
  • Scaling a meetup
  • What to avoid doing at conferences and meetups
  • Making a profit on conferences and sponsorships


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Conferences are like a vacation for your business
Don't be afraid to say hello at conferences