Episode 86

Being Boss for Makers and Artists with Nicole Stevenson

August 23, 2016

Today’s episode is for makers and artists. We’re talking with illustrator, artist, writer, and co-founder of Dear Handmade Life, Nicole Stevenson. We dive into pricing your products, making money as an artist, and that when you go into a business as an artist or maker, you’re selling more than just your art.

Episode Transcript
"You're going to spend your time running a business—you're not going to be painting all day."
- Nicole Stevenson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Nicole's entrepreneurial journey (3:06)
  • Pricing your products as an artist or maker (14:20)
  • Putting the burden of making money on your art (19:03)
  • How to "give it all away" as a maker / product-based business (23:42)
  • Selling a lifestyle/story/feeling vs. strictly selling a product (27:49)
  • The importance of artists and creative thinking (31:27)
  • Scaling as a maker (36:05)
  • How to hold yourself accountable to your art (43:34)

Resources Mentioned