Episode #87 // Mixing Friends and Business with Sh...

Episode #87 // Mixing Friends and Business with Shauna Haider and Gala Darling

Today we’re talking Shauna Haider and Gala Darling all about business besties, balancing friendship and business when you go into business with a friend, doing what you believe in (despite the haters), and how to make friends as an adult.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Gala & Shauna become blogging/business besties
  • Partnering up to create The Blogcademy
  • Travel and inspiration vs. routine and doing the work
  • The line between business partners and friends
  • How going into business together changes friendship and business
  • How to make friends as an adult
  • Doing what you believe in even if you have haters
  • Living your online live vs. your offline life
  • How to choose what opportunities to take


Look for friends


Being in routine is really great for your creativity—as boring as that sounds. Click To Tweet People look for that business partner relationship, but really you should just look for friends. Click To Tweet The key to having a great life is to be open to other people. Click To Tweet Working obsessively can be a way of avoiding your problems. Click To Tweet


Responsibilities in a business partnership


A lot of businesses form from friendships, but you can't force it. Click To Tweet The key to having a business and a friendship is to make sure you don't overlap responsibilities. Click To Tweet Always wear a conversation piece. If you're shy and the other person's shy, it gives them an in. Click To Tweet

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