Episode 12

How to Be Boss When You Feel Like a Fraud

March 24, 2015

In today’s episode of Being Boss, Emily and Kathleen talk about feeling like a fraud, falling into the comparison trap, and coping with perfectionism.

Episode Transcript
"To be an expert, you don't have to know it all. And to be a business owner, you don't have to do it all."
- Kathleen Shannon

Discussed in this Episode

  • What makes you feel like a fraud? Exploring "fraudulent feelings."
  • Getting in the right mind: How to move past those fraudulent feelings.
  • Accepting that doing new things for the first time is part of growing in your business. Getting over those fraudulent feelings of not being an "expert" when you're providing a service for the first time.
  • Liberating yourself from doing things you're not good at and that you hate doing so that you can focus on the things you're really amazing at.
  • Practicing good habits and routines to banish fraudulent feelings.
  • Avoiding the mindset of needing things to be perfect before you move forward. Learning how to launch before you're ready.
  • How to find proof that you're not a fraud.
  • Defining your role in your business and what you do for your clients.
  • Finding your creative pack support system to share your feelings. of insecurity so that you can banish your self-doubt.
  • Reframing fraudy feeling and using them to fuel your business.

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