Episode 13

The Jealous Curator with Danielle Krysa

March 31, 2015

In today’s episode of Being Boss, Emily and Kathleen welcome their first guest, Danielle Krysa of TheJealousCurator.com who shares her experiences with self-doubt and that criticizing voice we each have in our heads as well as her journey of using that self-doubt to fuel her success.

Danielle is an art curator, painter, and advocate for artists everywhere through her blog, The Jealous Curator, her series of workshops (Girl Crush), her two (soon to be three) published books, and her various talks at Alt Summit, Creative Mornings, Oprah’s OWN, and for schools, art groups, and companies like Pixar.

Episode Transcript
"Just make. Make sure you have creativity in your life every day in some little way."
- Danielle Krysa

Discussed in this Episode

  • Realizing that everyone—from amateurs to successful creatives—faces self-doubt and succumbs to the negative self-criticizing voice in their head sometimes
  • How to handle negative criticism
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and ignoring your inner critic so that you can create amazing things
  • Moving from jealousy to admiration (and the opportunities it creates along the way)
  • How to balance creative responsibilities and creative passion projects
  • Allowing yourself to celebrate successes and avoiding making yourself smaller for the sake of others' feelings

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