Episode 14

Redefine the Dream Job with Hey Sweet Pea

April 7, 2015

In today’s episode of Being Boss, Emily and Kathleen welcome Elise and Scott Grice from Hey, Sweet Pea. Elise and Scott are online educators and coaches helping creative entrepreneurs redefine what success means to them so they live a dream life according to their own definition.

And they live the definition of redefining their business and lifestyle by living in an RV as they travel around the country and create these classes and this community from the road!

Episode Transcript
"Be daringly intentional. Cut out the crap. Don't focus on anything other than what matters to you most."
- Elise Grice

Discussed in this Episode

  • Transitioning from a corporate dream job to your own definition of a dream job and dream life
  • Growing your business through engagement and community without focusing on the numbers
  • How other aspects of your life change when you're making the transition to a creative entrepreneur lifestyle
  • Changing your business or your idea of your dream business after you've already built something successful
  • Focusing on the value you can bring to people, not the value they can bring you from their wallet
  • Living an intentional life and realizing that if you don't like something about your life right now, you have the power to change it
  • Embracing imperfect progress and not waiting for everything to fall into place

Resources Mentioned