Episode 317

How to Build Relationships as a Busy Entrepreneur with Autumn Witt Boyd

August 30, 2022

Making connections and networking as a small business owner can have powerful effects including being a key factor in the growth of your business. Nurturing relationships can also be critical when it comes to building a life you love and filling your own cup. But it can be difficult to find the time to prioritize building relationships as a busy entrepreneur. In this episode, Emily chats with Autumn Witt Boyd, founder of The AWB Firm, about her strategies for building and nurturing relationships as a busy business owner for both personal and professional reasons.

Episode Transcript
"Making time comes down to brutal prioritization, time blocking, and boundaries."
- Autumn Witty Boyd

Discussed in this Episode

  • A look at what’s new in Autumn’s business
  • What Autumn’s social calendar looks like as she nurtures relationships
  • Having self awareness around what that gives you energy
  • Intentionally prioritizing the things, routines, or events that fill your cup
  • Why it’s important to make time for non-business friendships
  • How connection and friendship can be an integral part of your business growth
  • How to blend or separate work and pleasure in relationships
  • Examples of boundaries to keep friendship and business separate
  • Practical ways to make time for relationship building as a business owner

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