Episode 212 // How to Get Better at What You Do

May 14, 2019

When did you last take time to practice your craft? In today’s episode, Kathleen and Emily discuss how to get better at what you do by finding ways to continue educating yourself, whether it be with books, new tools, school, or even a mentorship. They also explore the idea of pivoting versus evolving, Kathleen getting back to her roots as a blogger, and some quickfire audience questions.

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"Make sure that you are prioritizing what it is that you want to be great at."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Honing and practicing your craft by investing in time and resources
  • Getting acquainted with your tools and continuing education
  • Pivoting: are you doing it to evolve or are you doing it because you're afraid of failure?
  • Emily + Kathleen explain why they are only podcasting once a month now
  • What to do when you have too many projects coming in
  • Does Being Boss have another book in the works?
  • Will the Being Boss book ever be available in other languages?
  • What to do when someone copies your voice or work
  • Emily explains drop shipping and how it's useful
  • Kathleen is buying a house and getting back to her roots as a blogger.


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