Episode 337

Make Marketing Easy with Storytelling with J.J. Peterson

January 17, 2023

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with marketing their products and services. In this episode, Emily is joined by Dr. J.J. Peterson, Head of Storybrand, to discuss how storytelling will help you attract your dream customer, find ease in marketing, and create more fulfilling customer relationships. J.J. also shares the mindsets he has used for navigating his career and finding success.

Episode Transcript
"When you position your customer as the hero of the story, you show how your product contributes to their survival and thriving."
- JJ Peterson

Discussed in this Episode

  • The story of how Emily and J.J. met
  • J.J. shares the story of his journey and background
  • The mindsets that shaped J.J.’s path and opportunities
  • Why storytelling is an effective marketing tool
  • The 7 elements needed for a compelling story
  • The mistake creatives often make in identifying the problem their product or service solves

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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