Pamela Chen smiling brightly while holding her deck of cards.

Episode 255 // Manifesting Money with Pamela Chen

March 30, 2021

Expand your capacity for success and manifest the money you want to make with your business. In this episode, join in to hear from Pamela Chen, a spiritual entrepreneur who’s talking about manifesting, and not the watered-down platitudes of practicing positivity and creating a mood board, but the real magic of reprogramming yourself for success and abundance and calling in what you desire.

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"If you think money is a struggle, you have to brainwash yourself out of that belief."
- Pamela Chen

Discussed in this Episode

  • Pamela Chen's entrepreneurial journey
  • Basics of Manifesting
  • Levelling Up Money Manifestations
  • Co-Creation: Manifesting and Doing the Work
  • Normalizing wealth and abundance
  • Pamela Chen's new card decks


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Emily Thompson: [00:00:00] expanding your capacity for success has long been a topic of interest here at being boss as has money, mindset and manifesting and using magic and business. But what does it actually look like to make the shifts you need to make, to be really prepared for your next level of success? Welcome to being boss, a podcast for creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms.

Emily Thompson: [00:00:37] I'm your host, Emily Thompson. And in this episode, I'm chatting with Pamela chin, a spiritual entrepreneur who joined me live for the being boss gathering back in October, where she joined in the conversation on using taro and ritual and business. Yes. And with a website URL like magical, I need you to be really ready for a truly woo chat about manifesting energy and a couple of references, including the word quantum.

Emily Thompson: [00:01:04] I wanted to bring Pamela in to talk manifesting, and not the watered-down platitudes of practicing positivity and creating a mood board, but the real magic of reprogramming yourself. To call in and be prepared for all the success. Your entrepreneurial endeavors can bring you. Pamela gin is the creator of the self-published crystal unicorn, taro, which Ling Academy, taro owl, taro, and the author of the book and chanted crystal magic spells grids, and potions to manifest your desires coming soon to Lou Ellen worldwide.

Emily Thompson: [00:01:41] She's also the co-founder of high magic certification and business course with her business partner. Lisa Robertson, Pamela is a mindset, energy and quantum wealth coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, a high achieving leader and change seekers who are ready to create a soul aligned business with a unique niche or brand that positions them as the expert in their industry for a bigger impact and the next level income.

Emily Thompson: [00:02:11] Welcome Pamela to being boss. I am so excited to be chatting with you today.

Pamela Chen: [00:02:16] Me too. Thank you so much for having me back.

Emily Thompson: [00:02:20] I am very excited to be diving into all of the things that, um, that you are into, or really maybe not all of the things. Cause I feel like you were probably into a lot of things we can do.

Emily Thompson: [00:02:30] I was just commenting on how we could go down any number of rabbit holes together today, but I want to keep this focused around. Something in particular that they've seen you talking about a bit lately and is always top of mind for bosses. But before we dive into that, I would love for you to share a bit more about yourself and your business for anyone who is not familiar with you.

Emily Thompson: [00:02:54] Would you mind giving us a peek behind the scenes of what your entrepreneurial journey as it been like and what you're up to today?

Pamela Chen: [00:03:00] Of course I would love to. So I have actually been trying to start a business for over 10 years. I feel like in the beginning, I mean, this is a back when there was no social media marketing, there was nothing.

Pamela Chen: [00:03:18] And I think what was a struggle for me back then was the coaches that I was with. They were telling me that I had to be in health. I had to be in money. I had to be something not magical, but magic is what I did. So it was, I kept going back and forth, taking all these new certifications and it just didn't work.

Pamela Chen: [00:03:39] And it wasn't until maybe. 2017, 2018, when I actually created my first deck. So I got into crystals online, crystal selling on Instagram, and I created my first deck and my mentor and who is my business partner now she was helping me create my deck. And after my deck got launched, everybody was messaging me.

Pamela Chen: [00:04:04] Hey, how do you create a deck? Show me how to create a deck? And it's not like I can just email them. There's one thing. It's like a whole process. So I decided to, okay, well let's, let's coach that creation. So I asked my mentor and I was like, do you want to coach that creation? She's like, sure. So we started that and it kind of evolved into. Let's coach Akashic record star activation.

Pamela Chen: [00:04:30] So it just kind of evolved from there and we just let it run. And a couple of years ago, or maybe a year ago, I went to this certification retreat and it was first bridge entrepreneurs. And I was helping people create their courses, niching them. And when I came back to my business partner, Lisa Robertson, she was like, wow, you just helped that girl launch $400,000.

Pamela Chen: [00:04:56] Like we need to be business coaches. And I was like, Oh, Okay. We do need to be business coaches, but that was actually something I was really resistant against because I was like, I'm not good at it. Maybe it was like, I'm not good at math. I'm not a business coach yet. So that kind of was back through my mind, but she's like, look at your social proof.

Pamela Chen: [00:05:17] Look what you've helped people do. I was like, okay, let's try it. So then we created our certification and business course, and that just kind of took off and that became like our signature offer. And now that's what we're known for. We're known for niching spiritual entrepreneurs. And along my journey, I created more decks.

Pamela Chen: [00:05:36] I was like, it was it's so amazing. I think you just have to kind of try things.

Emily Thompson: [00:05:42] I’m wondering what pushed you to create that first deck. And did you see this as you swearing, you budding up against this. I guess, outward call for you not to focus on magic where you like, well, maybe creating a deck as a physical, physical product.

Emily Thompson: [00:06:02] So it's not magic necessarily. Or were you like screw everyone? I'm making a deck because it's magic. Like, what was that like for you?

Pamela Chen: [00:06:10] Actually at that time, I was already owning my magic and teaching crystal magic because I found a coach that understood and. Magical is, you know, this new age spiritual community was coming around.

Pamela Chen: [00:06:21] So everybody's like, you can't be multi-passionate now you can do healing magic. So I'm like, okay. So I was kind of in that realm, as you know, crystal magic coach and this deck, it was my crystal unicorn, Tara. The first one that I created and it was really for me, I did. There was no unicorn, there's no unicorn tarot out there.

Pamela Chen: [00:06:42] So I was like, Hey, I want a unicorn tarot deck. So my best friend's best friend is an artist. And I was like, Hey, can you, can you, can you draw for me? She's like, sure. And then I contacted Liza. Who I know she just published her first deck with Llewellyn and I'm like, can you help me put, put this together?

Pamela Chen: [00:07:02] Cause I've no idea what I'm doing. She's like, sure. And then her and, um, Barbara Moore, who is now my project manager was like, you should sell this. I'm like, okay. I'll crowd fund it. And they're like, you should create a coloring book. I'm like, okay. Created. So I usually say yes to everything. That's what I try to, I try it out.

Pamela Chen: [00:07:21] I just try it out. Right. Emily, do you want to get on my podcast? Yes, Emily.

Emily Thompson: [00:07:27] Yes to all the opportunities. I love it. How many decks have you created?

Pamela Chen: [00:07:33] Okay. So I have a crystal unicorn, which the Academy Tarot just came out with Llewellyn. The Owl Tarot is coming out in 2023 with Llewellyn.

Pamela Chen: [00:07:46] I am creating a self-published deck. It's very magical, but I can't share it yet. Cause we're like not even halfway done. And I'm about to turn in a proposal for the next one, which I think will be, I think they'll take it. Nice. Congratulations

Emily Thompson: [00:08:02] Nice. Congratulations and good job. Just high five on, on doing what you felt called to do, even when sort of industry standards or cultural norms or whatever told you maybe not.

Pamela Chen: [00:08:18] Yes. Yes, exactly.

Emily Thompson: [00:08:22] I love this. Okay, perfect. Well, I want to dive into manifesting with you. This is one of the things I wanted to talk about with you today. It's one of those, it's one of those words, that's kind of, it, hasn't kind of, it's totally become a buzzword, right? Like everyone is manifesting something these days, even, you know, my daughter, the other day was just sort of throwing the word manifesting round because she's heard people like it's okay.

[00:08:46] It's just part of our like, vernacular, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are around. What manifesting is and like the current world and what may be pop culture doesn't have quite right. Or doesn't. Really truly understand about manifesting.

Pamela Chen: [00:09:05] I know. When you were like, Hey, what are the basics? I'm like, Oh, there is so much.

Pamela Chen: [00:09:11] Right. So actually, the first thing is I, I use, I do use manifesting in my copies, like my sales copies, because that's what everyone's used to. But when you are manifesting, you should use the word actualization instead. Because manifesting is hoping to create. And when you actualize something, it's. Done.

Pamela Chen: [00:09:38] It's a done deal. And I'll tell you a little bit about what my belief is on that. So I think right now, in this moment in our collective, almost everyone has heard of loves of attraction. And like you said, manifesting that word is just out there. And what I really want to share is quantum actualization, quantum manifesting.

Pamela Chen: [00:10:00] So how to manifest from your future self. Right. Connecting to the frequency of what you desire and calling it in. So we really work with the matrix of the quantum field, where it holds like all the possibilities that you can ever dream of. Like, it is really there. So it's in this field and you can tap into it and connect to this frequency and the frequency that you connect to will be you when you can call it in.

Pamela Chen: [00:10:30] That's when the actualization happens and you can collapse the time and space. That's why people say it all the time and manifest whatever your intention is and less time and it'll show up. This is the fun part. This is the funniest part. So it'll show up as a surprise. This is what we call a miracle, because if you already know what you are calling in, if you think, you know how exactly it's going to happen, then you are not manifesting from the quantum field.

Pamela Chen: [00:10:59] You are manifesting from the past and your past programming. So Lisa and I really work with being in the present and actualizing your reality from the future. So there is no separation. So a lot, I think a lot of our students were like, okay, how do I get this client where I get this client? What do I do to get this client?

Pamela Chen: [00:11:21] What magic do I do to get this client in? So when you're doing that, you're still separated from that client. That client is far away from you and you are here, but if you are just being in that moment and you have that client and you feel it, and you act as if you have the client, then your frequency changes.

Pamela Chen: [00:11:41] Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. Okay. So you have to really embody that person. And we really meet embody, like move talk, take actions as that person and being in that frequency. So for example, if you are saying, I will sign up for this business course after I have the money, that would be a failed programming, because if you already knew how to make that money, then you wouldn't need the business coach.

Pamela Chen: [00:12:09] Right. It's kind of saying you, Oh, okay. Going to the gym to get a personal trainer, to help you tone your body exercise and getting really healthy. And you're like, okay, I'll come back. I'll come back and hire you. When I'm already in my ideal body, when I'm already healthy, then I'll come. So there is a disconnect there where everybody wants to have that thing already, then be it.

Pamela Chen: [00:12:32] So what we need to do is we need to be in that moment. So quantum actualization is actually very, very simple, but it's not easy at the same time. So all you would need to connect to the quantum field is really getting into that meditative state, where you are nothing, you just like, feel like you're nothing, we call it star dusting.

Pamela Chen: [00:12:55] Cause you're just like a stardust, like you're one with the universe. Right. And how you can get there is actually breathing through your heart. Breathing in and out through your heart. And you call that heart coherence because we have a brain in our heart, and then you just really embody a high-level emotion, which is, which is joy.

Pamela Chen: [00:13:16] Freedom, abundance, happiness, and relief, feeling your heart, expand. Like if you can feel it in your heart center and then just have that positive intention and being able to map, um, visualize it. Then you will send out that intention and your emotions, that emotion that you are feeling will supercharge.

Pamela Chen: [00:13:39] It's like a magnet. And then I'll draw that frequency into you. And then the most important part is just to being able to detach like trust is going to happen and just let it go. And I think the hard part about this, it's not, it's not something you could do for five minutes in the morning. Oh, I'm done.

Pamela Chen: [00:13:57] I did. I did my content visualization. I'm done. Right. You actually have to be in this energy throughout the day. Right? The more you can be in it, the more it will come to you. Right. So we don't, we, when our students coming to our sacred containers, we tell them, don't talk, don't give stories. We don't want to know about your ex-boyfriend's husband's dog, whatever.

Pamela Chen: [00:14:21] Right. Don't tell us the stories. Just tell us what you're feeling now, how you want to shift forward, and let's go from there who you want to be, and let's figure out a plan, how to get there.

Emily Thompson: [00:14:36] Ooh, I love this. What you just did though, as you gave some practical steps around really just raising your vibes, right?

Pamela Chen: [00:14:42] Yeah. Yeah. That's really it.

Emily Thompson: [00:14:44] And the most simple format possible. It's about raising your vibration in a way that you can show up and you can call to yourself, call to yourself the things that you want and wondering though, You've sort of uncovered this process of how this happens, but I'm wondering for yourself how this applies to that 10 years of you wanting to start a business, like looking back, do you, were you unknowingly doing this?

Emily Thompson: [00:15:19] Is it something that you discovered along the way? Like how, on what level did you manifest this like a dream job of yours?

Pamela Chen: [00:15:30] Hmm, I think kind of, I just kind of flowed into it and it happened, but I've always known that miracles can happen. Blessings can come if you focus on it. So I moved out when I was really young and, you know, and I.

Pamela Chen: [00:15:49] At that time, I couldn't even buy toilet paper. It's not that there was no toilet paper, but I was just like, wow, I have to buy toilet paper. I have to buy this.  And what is, it was $5 an hour for minimum wage. And I was going to school. So it was a pretty hard time, but I think I always had a lot of fun.

Pamela Chen: [00:16:09] I just really, what stood out to me one time was when my car broke down, everything broke down. And I think I owed like over a thousand dollars and I was already negative hundred in my bank. And I was like, Oh crap. Like, it made me sad, but I was like, it's okay, something's going to come.

Pamela Chen: [00:16:28] Something has to come. And literally the next day I got a check from one of my old workplaces. I don't even know they owed me a thousand dollars. And from there on, I was like, Oh, I believe, right. So I've always known that if you just focus on believing something can come. Then that can happen.

Pamela Chen: [00:16:49] And I don't think I was ever really in a rush to create my business because I've always had a job and I wasn't unhappy in my job. So it wasn't like, okay, I need to create my business to make money. It was always okay. This is something that I want to do because it makes me happy. And I was just really trying to figure out what that was.

Pamela Chen: [00:17:06] I think it's different for everyone when they're looking to create their business. What their why is.

Emily Thompson: [00:17:11] For sure. I also asked you this question because I similarly or I've, and I've seen this in several people. I find that highly intuitive people do magical things without realizing it, like they do the things that, that bring them what they need or that protect them in the way that in the ways that they need or whatever it may be without even realizing that they're doing it.

Emily Thompson: [00:17:35] I've seen this, especially with, you know, I have friends who've collected just the right crystals that they needed for themselves. Right. Or for me, I remember in the earliest years of my business, whenever things would, uh, whenever things would slow down and I would start hurting for cash or whatever it was, or really needing to book that next client, when I had no leads to even look towards, I remember laying down and doing what I now realize were it was money, manifestation exercises.

Emily Thompson: [00:18:06] Right. I was like, okay. Lay on my bed very intentionally. And it was always very hard chakra focused. I would imagine money pouring to me, these things I love that would always work. It would always work. It was never something that I even thought about doing until it was in pain. My bank account was like staring at me expecting something.

Emily Thompson: [00:18:30] But I would do it and the next client would always come literally every single time. And I do think too that, um, well, before I get to that point, it wasn't until years later that I realized what I was doing, I was just very intuitively. Lying down and praying for money, right? Basically, if I had to put it in very simple terms, um, but you know, years later I realize what I was doing and now can, can more intentionally go at my own manifestation practices with.

Emily Thompson: [00:19:07] I don't know, more intention and more knowledge of what it is that I'm doing. I'm not just, you know, laying on the bed, praying for money. I'm like legitimately have my own rituals and an understanding as to what I'm doing on such a deeper level. So I'm wondering from you, how it has changed for you over the years where, you know, in the beginning, you just.

Emily Thompson: [00:19:31] I had this moment of luck or magic or whatever you want to call it, but now you're literally teaching this. How have you seen your manifestation powers, I guess, increase with this like knowledge and ritual and understanding and know, what does it look like for you in practice today?

Pamela Chen: [00:19:51] I think the biggest thing for me now is that I know when I hit that wall, when I know I'm resisting something and the abundance is on the other side, So throughout, I mean, no matter if you're going for 50,000, a hundred thousand, a million dollars, it's always going to be there.

Pamela Chen: [00:20:07] That resistance is going to show up, but now I know where it's at, how I feel, how I react to it. So I do something about it. I do my tapping, I tap it out. I do a spell, you know, I get rid of it. And then I focus on what I want instead. Right. So now I think my cue is. I say no, you know, I never say no, but I'll say no and that's and leaves us like, okay, you're, this is what we have to do because abundance is on the other side.

Pamela Chen: [00:20:38] And for her it's when she feels like she's going to throw up. If we're going to invest in something big, she's like, I'm getting nauseous. I'm like, Oh, we should do it. And every time we, every time we do that, you know, we, we expand our success container. We expand it a little bit more and usually it, you know, we reach our goal.

Pamela Chen: [00:20:57] And I think for me, it's also the belief. Like I really believe now when I believe in something, I really believe in it because I had confirmations from the past that it would come true. So my daily practices, Oh, I feel like I, I just kinda like sprinkled them throughout the day. I don't really have a set one.

Pamela Chen: [00:21:17] Sometimes I'll have a set one for a while and then I'll like, change it up. I think the biggest thing for me as an entrepreneur is really focusing on the numbers. So actually when I focus on the money number, okay. You have to bring in $30,000 this month. It actually freaks me out a little bit. So I don't like to do that.

Pamela Chen: [00:21:38] What I do in my practice, as you said, praying for money, but you know, visual, my visualization and my journaling, everything that I do is I just focus on the people. Okay. So I need 44 people in our business course. That would make me really happy. And you always go a little bit higher, right? So if I say 44, maybe I'll get 25 and that's great.

Pamela Chen: [00:22:01] That's probably all we can hold, but you just shoot a little bit higher. You shoot a little bit higher and that, that, so you kind of have to. Discover your unique way of welcoming this manifestation into your life, because some things could really block you because you haven't cleared it yet. But another thing, if you just switch it up a little bit, it's like, Oh, it's so easy.

Pamela Chen: [00:22:23] And that's actually what I've been saying to myself. It's so easy. It's so easy to do my business. It's so easy to get clients and you can kind of create. So now what we are teaching our students is that. You create your own rules for your business in your world. So I believe that if I just show up on social media and my stories and have fun and talk about my stuff, people are going to come in and they do they DME.

Pamela Chen: [00:22:52] And they're like, Hey, I'm interested. Right? People, people who are yeses are going to come in. So you have to be very specific on your beliefs, but that's what I truly believe. And that's how they show up in my world.

Emily Thompson: [00:23:03] I love that you talk about switching to it's so easy. This is something in all of the groups that I do, whether it's the Monday meetups in the community or in the C-suite we all, one of the things I love about, especially having a, like having a group of people is they act as such a good mirror for whenever you are being overly negative or not even over actually.

Emily Thompson: [00:23:26] Like slightly negative, right? When you're like, I'm going to struggle to do this thing. And because you just walk into something, believing that, you know, my next hire is going to be a struggle. Cause all hires are a struggle, but there's this simple switch of like, this hire could be so easy. It's going to be so easy.

Emily Thompson: [00:23:45] Yes. Right. And that, that one little switch of like changing a habit of, you know, believing something is hard into believing that it's easy. Is that like raising your vibration right there, you will go into whatever task it is that you are going into with such ease. What's so much just a more positive vibration, a higher vibe.

Emily Thompson: [00:24:11] Then if you, if you go into anything with anything lower than that, thinking it's going to be a challenge or difficult, even if the past has shown you that it has been a challenge or difficult, that doesn't mean that you have to believe that necessarily for the next one. And that's one of my favorite things about having people around me, to be that mirror of being like, what did you say? What do you mean? It's going to be a... You don't know you haven't done it yet.

Pamela Chen: [00:24:38] Right?

Pamela Chen: [00:24:38] So this is the really funny thing though because people who tell me affirmations don't work. I'm like, Oh, it is working because you just you're affirming that it doesn't work for you. Right. So it's, it's literally words are so powerful whether it's written or spoken or you're in your Instagram, social media, Facebook feed.

Pamela Chen: [00:25:02] That's like your vision board. If you have these words that you don't love from people that you don't love on it, then it's like creating your reality. Your thoughts, your words really create your reality. So you have to be very, you know, you have to be very aware of what you are surrounding you with.

Pamela Chen: [00:25:19] Yeah. You know, people say, don't go on social media, first thing in the morning. It depends. What's on your social media. If you have uplifting positive means coming in from inspirational leaders, then why not? Why wouldn't I go on my social media?

Emily Thompson: [00:25:33] For sure. Oh, I love this. I love this parallel to social media and what you just said around social media, being your vision board, or really just anything you're taking in that much is totally your vision board and you know, not to put

Emily Thompson: [00:25:47] scary things, gross things, angry things on your vision board, you put uplifting and happy. And there, there is a thing about being aware of reality, for sure. But there is something to be said too about really curating things that are going to lift you up. I like this with Pinterest. It's funny you say that.

Emily Thompson: [00:26:11] Like, I don't get on social media necessarily in order to feel uplifted, but Pinterest is that for me, there is something about seeing a flower-filled garden next to a really fun. Like a home renovation, DIY project, and a really great chocolate cake.

Pamela Chen: [00:26:32] So we w I actually named this, I don't know if anybody else named it, but I named this as wifi Mancy.

Pamela Chen: [00:26:38] So Mancy is like, divine, you know, like Biblio Massey Cardo Mancy. So I named it wifi Mancy and Lisa, my business partner would send me wifi Mancy, all the time money is going like, she's like, Oh, this is a sign. So you're just like looking signs on social media instead of your book instead of your cards.

Pamela Chen: [00:26:55] So it is, it is wifi Mancy.

Emily Thompson: [00:26:57] Oh my God. You're right. I've never heard it yet with anything. You've totally coined this and I love it. And yes, I see it as a thing, because as you're saying this, I can, there are several people in my life where we will send each other, like, yes, that meme or that photo, or we were just talking about this thing.

Emily Thompson: [00:27:15] And there it is. And not necessarily like creepy ads listening to us that does happen, but like, Things that really are, will just sort of pop up in our social media. That's fascinating. And I absolutely love that. So everyone maybe like a pull, open your Instagram, scroll down five and see what it is,

Pamela Chen: [00:27:37] Here's a really big thing that we really drill into our clients that for yourself, if you are an entrepreneur, coach, healer, practitioner, whatever you don't go on and post how you're suffering in your Ascension, don't go on and talk about how bad your day is. You can be vulnerable and talk about your story, but it has to be inspiring and uplifting.

Pamela Chen: [00:28:01] It can't just be you dumping your stuff. Like it doesn't work like that. People aren't going to be excited to work with you. If you're always depressed, no energy. You're always ascending. You're always here, right?

Emily Thompson: [00:28:13] Yeah. For sure. There is a fine line. There is a fine line. And I think, I think we will continue seeing what or how social media, how the use of social media evolves into something, into whatever it turns into cause who knows, who knows, but I think that's an interesting point.

Emily Thompson: [00:28:34] And definitely if you are someone who's wanting to be hired, if you're using social media as marketing, There is a line that you have to draw. I do believe that very much so.

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Emily Thompson: [00:29:30] Perfect. Okay. There's a couple of things that you've brought up and I feel like we're going to start bringing those things together. You mentioned earlier, I think expanding your capacity for success, or that was right. That was mentioned. That's always been a topic here at being boss. I mean, we all want to, we all have, we've always wanted to dive into, because whenever you start finding success, It's not so much fraudy feelings.

Emily Thompson: [00:29:56] It's not so much the fear of failure. Like you've just failed 50 million times. You're not really afraid of failure anymore. What you, what it actually gets replaced with is this fear of success. Right? Like I think we all get to that point. So, yes, I love that topic. But we've talked about manifesting and expanding that container and

Emily Thompson: [00:30:18] Praying for money or whatever it makes you. I want to talk to you about really taking your money, getting to the next level. I feel like. Especially over the past year when I mentioned this, a couple of times when literally surviving is on our to-do list. Right? So many of us are just like operating on that base level of just making it do.

Emily Thompson: [00:30:40] I would love to talk about and tap into something. We used to talk about it all the time and that is like really taking things to the next level. So let's talk about it. Manifesting money. And what I really want to talk about is manifesting a million or your second million or your 10th million, like really upleveling the money game for anyone who's interested, whether you're side hustling, just getting started.

Emily Thompson: [00:31:08] You've been doing it for a couple of years and maybe are at, you know, 70, 80, 120 K um, wherever you may be. Let's talk about upleveling your money game and manifesting a million. Yeah, why do we need to know?

Pamela Chen: [00:31:24] I think that the first thing is you need to know it's possible. So it's a possibility to a portal that's open for you.

Pamela Chen: [00:31:32] So I didn't think it was possible until maybe last year that someone charges a hundred thousand, 250,000, a million dollars for one offer. To work with you for 12 months. And when I found my new coach, because that's what we're doing now, where we're going to stop step into the luxury, um, experience.

Pamela Chen: [00:31:52] And when I found her, I was like, that's possible. Like, I didn't know, that was possible. Like I know a million dollars right there, but I didn't know. It was possible to, you can charge a hundred thousand dollars for one, for a three-month experience with your coaching. People are paying it's everyone's doing it.

Pamela Chen: [00:32:11] So I think the first thing is having that when, when you see it's possible, it's in your energy and it can start to happen for you, and then you have to make it yours. Right. So the first thing is seeing that it's possible and you have to believe it's possible and it's easier when other people are doing it.

Pamela Chen: [00:32:28] And I'm telling you, now that it's happening, there are people are selling even, even now, even with whatever it's going on, they, people are selling $50,000, one day IX, VIP experiences. They're selling a million-dollar, 12-month experience like it's happening in the group that I'm in. So it's like a normal thing.

Pamela Chen: [00:32:48] People sell this all the time. 500,000, $300,000. It's not a big thing. So you do have to surround yourself. With people who are in this energy or believe in this energy. So my business partner and a couple of my colleagues and friends that is also entrepreneurs, we would just text each other. Oh my gosh. I just made a million dollars today.

Pamela Chen: [00:33:11] That's so exciting. And I think you have to, the second thing is you have to have fun about it. You have to uplift people. Like if I go tell my boyfriend, babe, I'm going to charge a hundred thousand for this offer. He's going to be like, what are you on drugs? Like he doesn't get it and that's fine. He doesn't need to get it.

Pamela Chen: [00:33:28] When I do it, he's going to be like, Whoa, what did you do? And he's still not going to get it. So you have to surround with people who gets it, who believe and who will continue to uplift you. Right. We celebrate each other. She's like, I just had an $80,000 a month. I'm like, yay. I'm going to be there too.

Pamela Chen: [00:33:44] Right. So you just have to like latch on to that energy. And I think you have to have fun with money. I know if in your reality, Money is not there. Right? If money is a struggle, you just have to brainwash yourself. You literally have to get you, do you pray? And you brainwash yourself out of it. Right? I have this app it's called Think Up

Pamela Chen: [00:34:09] Think up and I record my affirmations on it and I literally listened to it all day. I'll listen to it too. When I wake up, I'll listen to it. If I'm typing, just in the background, I am a millionaire. I am a million or whatever. I have a lot of affirmations on there, but as you just listen to it, it becomes easy.

Pamela Chen: [00:34:30] It is you, you are that, and you start believing. So mindset and energy is two totally separate things. I think people get it mixed up sometimes. Like if you have a good mindset, then your energy is great. It's not right. So your mindset, you have to work on your mindset, which is brainwashing. We brainwash ourselves, we get the affirmation we believe, and then our energy.

Pamela Chen: [00:34:55] You have to clear out your energy so you can make room, like what you said, the success container. If all of your old programmings are still stuck in your energy, your mind might be different, but it's still stuck in like your aura field, which is like all around you. Then you don't have room for that new opportunity to come in.

Pamela Chen: [00:35:13] It's actually blocking that inspiration. It's like a phone, you know, when you take pictures and it's like, Oh, no more, no more memory. That's how your aura field is. So you have to clear out the pictures. So that's why, you know, these energetic healings working on yourself is so important and you need to expand that energy, give it space so that you can call in that million dollars and you have to believe that it's possible.

Pamela Chen: [00:35:42] So remember what I said that we're at like creating from the future, right? So you have to step into that frequency of what does every number amount has a different frequency. So you have to figure out, okay, I am here, but what is a million-dollar frequency feel like when I am this, I am a million-dollar.

Pamela Chen: [00:36:05] How would I walk? How would I eat? How would I feel, what would I do throughout the day? So sometimes at the grocery store, I like to walk around, like, I'm a millionaire and I'll be like, Oh, I'm a millionaire, but everybody loves me because I'm a compassionate billionaire. And I have a certain walk that I do.

Pamela Chen: [00:36:25] And I think it's kind of crazy, but no one really looks at me, so it's okay. But I'll just gonna be, I'll just kind of be in that frequency, you know, and I'm just like, here I am, this is me. So this is a really good example, have you heard about the lotto curse?

Emily Thompson: [00:36:44] Yes. You taught me about the lotto curse.

Pamela Chen: [00:36:46] Okay. Yes. So I'll say it again for everyone. So it's really good. It's a really good example because a lot of people who win the lotto, they, they manifested millions, millions of dollars, but they can't hold on to it because their success container is.  so what do they do? They piss it away. They're broke.

Pamela Chen: [00:37:05] They're bankrupt. By the end of the year, they commit suicide and all these things. It's just because they can't handle the energy of money. And that's the thing. Energy money is love. It's the same thing. So if you don't love money, then you don't love energy and we have to love our money. I think that's also, you have to have a really good relationship with your money.

Pamela Chen: [00:37:25] You have to love money. So, I mean, after this go get your wallet. Look into it and you can ask your money. How is your relationship with me? Do you love me too, but do you love money? Some people don't love money, especially spiritual entrepreneurs. They don't love money and you have to love money. It's just energy.

Pamela Chen: [00:37:46] It's not bad. It's not good. It's just energy. And if you, the more you love it, the more it comes to you. And this is an exercise that you can also do with someone. So every morning I wake up, I text Lisa. Good morning. Good morning, goddess Liza. Thank you money. Thank you. Blessed money. Thank you.

Pamela Chen: [00:38:05] Magical money. Thank you. Divine money. I love you. I love you money. And when you put, put those words in front of it, it actually changes the frequency even more. That I cover it all.

Emily Thompson: [00:38:19] I think. So this is fantastic. A couple of things, a couple of things came up for me that I want to go back and hit on one of which you catch on to brainwashing yourself, which like, yes, but I think what you're probably really doing is unbrainwashing yourself.

Emily Thompson: [00:38:36] Yeah, right? Like you are already brainwashed into whatever your beliefs are about money and what happens whenever you mindfully go in and shift those mindsets. You're not necessarily rebranding and washing yourself. You were just brainwashing yourself and. With intention and awareness, creating new beliefs around money or clients or your work or whatever it may be.

Emily Thompson: [00:39:06] So I want to, I want to save that because I think that's a very important distinction to make because it's not like you're fooling yourself into. Anything at all, it's just, you are bringing mindfulness to what it is that you believe identifying anything that's incorrect or not aligned with what you desire and flipping it, changing it, aligning those beliefs with whatever it is that you

Emily Thompson: [00:39:35] do want to believe about whatever it is we're talking about. Um, so do you want to point that out? And I love, I love this idea of normalizing wealth. One of the things that you mentioned that spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with money, creative entrepreneurs very much so do as well. They're taking, you know, an innate skills thing that feels easy and fun to them.

Emily Thompson: [00:40:01] And then. Trying to ask people to pay the money for it. And there's a lot of things that come up, especially in similarly where. The current state of the world does not value spirituality in the same way. It does accounting skills, right. Or being an architect or any of those things. And it's similar, you know if you're an artist or an, or social media manager or, you know, any of those, any of those more creative, the kinds of creative skills that, all of the bosses who are listening to this.

Emily Thompson: [00:40:39] And so whenever we can make note of and continue to normalize what it looks like to be successful, to gain wealth for yourself and your family and your community. And those things, the more we can normalize that, the easier it is for every single one of us to access that sort of wealth and success in our business.

Emily Thompson: [00:41:06] So I want to highlight that little piece and encourage everyone to, to find people on social media, on television, in books, wherever it may be that find the people who are doing what it is that you want to do, whether it's. Like exactly or kind of, and, and sort of put them in your pocket.

Pamela Chen: [00:41:29] Yeah. You know, I mean, I don't know if you guys know Ryan Kelly Mullah on Instagram.

Pamela Chen: [00:41:34] I might collab with her soon for my new deck, but she makes money from painting on her lip. Like that's art, that's creative and that's just something that she loves and, you know, and there's so much other people out there who are selling their artwork, their pottery for so much, because it's so beautiful.

Pamela Chen: [00:41:55] It's so unique and people are doing it. It can happen.

Emily Thompson: [00:42:00] For sure. So there is this like normalization that I desire around creative entrepreneurs as spiritual entrepreneurs. Building wealth, but that really begins with a belief that you can build wealth. Pausing, just a moment to share with you. One of my very favorite money mindset exercises.

Emily Thompson: [00:42:22] Just a few weeks ago, I published an episode of 10 Minutes to Being Boss minutes called Money Mindset Exercise. Expand our idea of what's possible, where I will walk you through a story. Simple exercise to do the kind of imagining in your business that Pamela and I are chatting about here. Just search 10 Minutes to Being Boss, wherever you listen to podcast or check out the video version on the Being Boss YouTube channel.

Pamela Chen: [00:42:51] And I think I want to touch back on what you said, the brainwashing thing, and I think it's so like you hit it, you hit it on the head with that. Like it's, it's. I loved what you said about that. So it's kind of like when we wake up every day and we're like, Oh, it hurts right here. My elbow hurts.

Pamela Chen: [00:43:09] My elbow hurts. So every day, if you wake up and you think your elbow hurts, then it's going to hurt. So it's kind of like a vicious cycle. Right. But what if you wake up and you're like, I feel amazing today. Now in your reality, that elbow still might hurt it's there. But what if you're like, no, I feel, but I feel really great.

Pamela Chen: [00:43:27] I feel amazing. Everything's healing and you keep on doing that. It's not going to change in one day, but as you keep doing that, retraining those programmings in your subconscious mind, one day, you're going to wake up. That elbow is not going to hurt anymore. You're going to have millions in your bank.

Pamela Chen: [00:43:45] You'll be like, wow. It's how did this happen? Right. So that's all we're doing. It's not, you know, I think everyone think manifesting is like, Oh, well it can happen. I don't want to say it doesn't happen because it's happened for people that I know my students, but I think people are, think that manifesting is okay, I'm going to do this now.

Pamela Chen: [00:44:04] And it's going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes it does take a while. And depending on how deep the programming is, right. Depending how much you believe. So I have, I've had students who were like, okay, I'm going to manifest $10,000 tomorrow. And they did. And they did. And because they believed, and they didn't have too much junk to clear up, I guess.

Pamela Chen: [00:44:25] Right. So it just really, depending on you.

Emily Thompson: [00:44:29] I’m also wondering, and just this might be taking us down a weird rabbit hole, but I'm wondering for you, how much of a parallel do you draw between sort of an air quoting, manifesting and being tapped into subconsciously knowing something's coming.

Emily Thompson: [00:44:53] Does that make sense? Like, let's say today, I'm like, I want to manifest $10,000, but really I'm so intuitive that I know that $10,000 is coming. Does that make sense? It's just my feeling at this question in a way that makes sense. Like, what is, where do you draw the line between manifesting and just like, it's funny because these words are the same calling it.

Emily Thompson: [00:45:16] Right. Like air quotes again, like, are you calling it in, like you're calling it to you or are you just calling it because subconsciously, you know, it's there.

Pamela Chen: [00:45:25] I think at that point, you've already reprogrammed your beliefs and so that you are so confident and you know what that's going to be there. And the more you believe the faster it's going to come.

Pamela Chen: [00:45:39] So we've been saying this, I don't know when this is going to air, but we've been saying that March 20, 21, something big is going to happen. Every everything that I've done, all these, you know, journeys, visualizations cards, like everything that I've done. It's like March, March. I'm like, so I know something's big coming, but I'm going to be surprised.

Pamela Chen: [00:46:00] I'm just going to stay, stay on my, you know, desired path, tap into that frequency. Be it. I am it right. I am that. I am. You have to be, that's the main part. You have to be first. I'm just going to let it happen. It's going to surprise me because if I already know what's going on happened, then that's me coming from my past and creating it.

Pamela Chen: [00:46:20] And that's not, that's not manifesting. Right. That's you trying to force it? How is it going to happen? What's going to happen? I just know something amazing is coming next month and I'm okay with it. I'm like come to me,

Emily Thompson: [00:46:34] Right. It doesn't, it's very tiny. Why me to me and I don't hate it by any means. Okay. I do.

Emily Thompson: [00:46:40] I there's something else I want to touch on. And again, we sort like pulling these threads through. I want to talk about co-creation so manifesting plus doing the work, because even you mentioned like sometimes things take time and it's not so much, like you can't desire to manifest a million and then sit on your ass.

Emily Thompson: [00:47:04] Right? Not usually, it's not usual, usually that. So let's talk about that. What does it practically look like to co-create to show up for your manifestations. I often say that that real luck happens when you show up. When you show up for luck, like you have to put yourself in the right time, at the right place for luck to strike.

Emily Thompson: [00:47:27] I'm wondering what your thoughts are around, around co-creating and manifestation.

Pamela Chen: [00:47:33] Yes. I love, I love that. So you really do have to show up and do the work, right? So you believe first and then you take the action. I think what happens with a lot of entrepreneurs, uh, because it has happened in a lot of our students is that they get overwhelmed doing the work right.

Pamela Chen: [00:47:55] But they think they have to do all of this work and they have no time or they have to yeah. Take a week vacation from the job just to focus on creating their business. And we're like, no, don't do that. Like still make your money still make your money to feel your passion. Right. Don't go in scarcity. I, you know, I took a vacation.

Pamela Chen: [00:48:15] I don't have money. Right. You still need to, you still need to keep doing what you're doing. But I, what I love to do is. Okay. So this is my goal for the month or for the week. What are three actions that I do today? That gets me to my goal. What are three actions? And if I do these actions, it's going to get me there and then you do them.

Pamela Chen: [00:48:38] So just three actions and anything else you do will just be extra. Right? So what are three non-negotiables that if I do today, it's going to get me to my goal. And that's not a lot. It's only three actions. Right. And time, I think time is what limits everybody. And what we say to that is just try everything in 20 minutes, you can get a lot of things done in 20 minutes when you're not distracted.

Pamela Chen: [00:49:06] So if it's creating your course, writing your copy, if you just set the timer for 20 minutes and you intentionally say. I'm going to be focusing on this for 20 minutes, no distractions. Wow. There's so much things that you can get done and also scheduled things in. If you don't schedule it, you're not going to have time for it.

Pamela Chen: [00:49:26] But if you schedule it in, when you can do it, when you feel good doing it, then it's there, it's there on the schedule. You have time for it. Right. So I think that's like a really big thing. And I think the number one thing though for the entrepreneurs showing up should be however you're showing up.

Pamela Chen: [00:49:47] Now. I think it's social media. You have to show up on social media. You have to be seen somehow, right? Your pod. It could be your podcasts. It could be, you know, in groups it could be Instagram. It could be this new thing called Clubhouse. It could be anything, but I think you just have to show up somewhere.

Pamela Chen: [00:50:06] And you have to speak and make offers if you don't, if you're doing all these magic, but people don't know what you do, if you aren't offering, because you don't feel like you don't want to sell, or if you don't want to, you know, push things on people. If you're not making the offers, then people aren't going to know what you're doing.

Pamela Chen: [00:50:24] Or if you go on your social media, you show up and you just post memes of cats, but you're actually a Reiki practitioner, master healer. Like people, aren't going to know what you do. They're gonna think you're just like cat lady, which is great, but you're running a business. You're what you do daily is not separate from who you are.

Pamela Chen: [00:50:43] Your business is not separate from who you are. You are the one that is you. It's not a separate thing. You do, you do it when it makes you happy, but you know that you have to get these three things done. So most of the time I show up on my stories, but if I don't feel like doing it one day, I ask, is this important?

Pamela Chen: [00:51:02] Or I have a launch coming up. And if I don't feel like it, I won't do it because it's part of me. Right. So I think that's the most important thing.

Emily Thompson: [00:51:10] Hmm. Yes. Okay. A couple, couple of little notes from my side. Um, but what is that? I always think of showing up as, as like my continued communication with the universe or whatever that I am ready and willing to accept whatever it is that I'm manifesting.

Emily Thompson: [00:51:32] Right. Like there, there is that like me and by showing up, I'm also like acting on the belief that it will show up for me. Right. Like it is. Actionable belief that whatever I am at drawing to me or manifesting will take place because I'm showing up for it. And so there is like, I think that it too is like the co-creation piece.

Emily Thompson: [00:52:02] Like those two things can't happen, like separately one without the other. So, um, so re, literally doing the work is the act of. Manifestation far beyond just those moments of calling it in and raising your vibration and all of those things, right? Like you said, like it's something you have to hold all day long and you don't hold it all day long and you know, in meditation, on your couch.

Emily Thompson: [00:52:28] Right, right. All that all day long as you take the actions towards whatever it is that you are trying to create for yourself. And then. You also mentioned showing up on social media. And I think in a, from a marketing standpoint, You are 100%, right? You have to show up in places where your customers or your clients are so they can see you.

Emily Thompson: [00:52:53] That is part of that co-creation is to allow yourself to make the connections that you need and those sorts of things. But I will also say there's like a second layer of this, that a lot of people often forget because social media is so sort of top of the line for everyone or top of the to-do list is you can make just as much impact.

Emily Thompson: [00:53:18] and if you are a business owner, this should actually be number one is to show up for your customers and your clients period, show up for the people who are already paying you, who have already paid you. Who've already seen you. And what it is that you're doing and show up for them and do an amazing job.

Emily Thompson: [00:53:36] We recently did an episode. With Autumn Witt Boyd, where she talked about the power of, um, of word of mouth marketing for the purpose of building her law firm. And for she shows up, she shows up to her community for her clients in a way where she hasn't had to show up as much on social media. And so whenever you can especially pair those two things together, show up.

Emily Thompson: [00:54:03] Do the work, do the work around what it is that you are trying to manifest for yourself, you are taking continued action that has impact and draws you closer and closer to what it is that you are trying to create for yourself.

Pamela Chen: [00:54:19] Yeah. You know, I love how you said that because Gary V, wifi Mancy, he said that he said you go deep and not wide.

Pamela Chen: [00:54:30] So you go, it's like how Taylor Swift, she like shows up randomly at people's wedding to sing for them because she knows how important it is to show up for her community. So I comment and like every comment. Right because social media is my selling platform, but I will, if people shares my stuff, I'll share their account.

Pamela Chen: [00:54:52] You know, if they're doing something with my deck, I'll share their account. They're like, thank you so much. And I'm like, thank you. Like you're, you know, you guys are the ones that making it happen.

Emily Thompson: [00:55:01] Yeah. Okay, I have like a little follow-up question for you and wondering

Emily Thompson: [00:55:04] how you feel about flexibility around what it is that you were trying to manifest.

Emily Thompson: [00:55:10] Is this, do you often find that it is a good idea to. Adjust course to show up differently. We, how does flexibility in manifestation fit in?

Pamela Chen: [00:55:22] So I'd like to, like I said before, I like to shoot higher. Right. So I'm giving myself the flexibility of, if I don't reach the moon, I might hit the stars and I'm okay with that.

Pamela Chen: [00:55:36] Like, that's awesome too. So I think you need to have, so we, I have my good, great and amazing goals. So you always, you always go for the amazing goal because you never know what it could happen. Like it could happen for you. Right. So you always go for it. And I just really focus. I focus on that, but I'm not.

Pamela Chen: [00:55:57] If some opportunity comes my way, that gets me along the path, but maybe not as big then. Yeah. That's great too. I think you always have to allow yourself to, to see if, if your goal, if this is a next step to your goal, it might not be your goal, but it might be the next step to your goal. So I think that is how I stay flexible.

Pamela Chen: [00:56:20] And your business is going to pivot, like it's going to pivot all the time. So you have to learn to pivot, especially in publishing. I think in my, in my new book, they just cut out like a whole chapter because they said it wasn't, it wasn't magic. So they're like, we can't use this chapter. I'm like, okay, let's not use it.

Pamela Chen: [00:56:42] You do, you do what it takes to make it happen. Actually want to talk a little bit about alignment because I feel like now a lot of people use it, like for us, they use it in a wrong sense. So, you know, they'll show up and they'll be like, Oh, I'm not aligned with that. I'm not aligned with going on stories.

Pamela Chen: [00:57:00] I'm not aligned with social media. So you aren't in alignment because this is your current state. This is your reality that you are now. But if you do want to be that millionaire, if you do want to hit that a hundred thousand, then get aligned with that. Right. You don't know what the alignment is yet because you haven't tried it.

Pamela Chen: [00:57:18] So I would suggest everyone to just go ahead and try, like, it's an adventure, it's an adventure. You might have to go left. There might be a rock hop over it. Right. Be, be flexible. Yeah. Yes. But don't change. Don't change. I don't think you should change your goal though. Like if you have, if you're manifesting this for a month, like say you do your spell or you're doing your ritual for this, just keep it, just keep it.

Pamela Chen: [00:57:42] Right. Just focus on that.

Emily Thompson: [00:57:44] Lovely. Thank you so much, Pam, for coming to share all of these things with eyes. I feel like I could talk money manifesting all day long, but it's probably time to start wrapping up. So please tell everyone how it is that they can find you and what you're up to these days.

Pamela Thompson: [00:58:04] Yes.

Pamela Thompson: [00:58:04] So you can, the easiest way to find me is on Instagram at Pamela unicorn, really easy. I am there all the time. And what am I up to these days? I love to a lot of things, but that's okay. So which link Academy Tarot, my new tarot deck with the Wallen just came out. My intuitive crystal magic book is coming out in November this year.

Pamela Thompson: [00:58:27] And currently we are launching our high magic, um, certification and business course. So our students have called it like it's like Hogwarts and Harvard put together because we really work on the energy. And you really embody that while you're working on the strategy. For your business. And what we love doing in our business course is create a niche and a brand that really helps you stand out as a leader in your industry and help you craft that signature offer, or course that could be sustainable and scalable to six figures.

Pamela Thompson: [00:59:01] And I think that's basically, I mean, we're just having fun. I think just having fun, creating. Yes.

Emily Thompson: [00:59:09] Sounds like it, it sounds like you have definitely started the business that you were meant to do. And it looks like a ton of fun from the outside. I want to create decks and books all day. That sounds fantastic.

Pamela Chen: [00:59:22] Well, so this is, this is the thing too with deck and book. I had to retrain my programming to love editing because I didn't love editing, but it's like part of the system is probably a process. You have to do it, but Oh, but something that we are doing right now that I'm falling in love with is that we are creating a one-day sacred journey activation.

Pamela Chen: [00:59:45] And it's going to be activating your earth star, chakra your heart, ma your soul star. And it's going to be, you know, either it could be virtual, but we would love to activate people on sacred sites when it's possible and like Xeljanz in the forest. Like that is what we are creating for our luxury experience.

Pamela Chen: [01:00:05] And I'm really excited for that.

Emily Thompson: [01:00:07] That sounds amazing. Well, you'll definitely have to share more with me when that is ready. I have one last question for you, Pamela. This is always the best one. Always the sneaky one, too. What makes you feel most boss?

Pamela Chen: [01:00:23] What makes, what makes me feel most boss cut is that it's tricky.

Pamela Chen: [01:00:31] I think a lot of things makes the feel. Boss. I was actually just thinking of this the other day, you know, I think it's when my, I thought this was, I think it's when I actually am living my life that I want to, like when I'm in that moment and when my boyfriend comes to me. Oh, so do you just like watch the chickens all day?

Pamela Chen: [01:00:52] I'm like, yeah, babe, but he doesn't know that I just closed $20,000. That makes me feel boss because I worked for it, but he doesn't see me doing it. So I, that is like my confirmation that. My work is happening when people are seeing me just chilling, playing around, which is really possible, right. You do the work at your own time, at your own pace, and then you can relax.

Pamela Chen: [01:01:15] You make your own schedule. It's like your life. I love, I love just living my life.

Emily Thompson: [01:01:20] Yes, it is an embodiment of it's so easy.

Pamela Chen: [01:01:22] Yeah, it's so, so easy.

Emily Thompson: [01:01:28] Love it. Thank you so much for coming to hang out with me. I have had such a blast chatting with you.

Pamela Chen: [01:01:32] Thank you, Emily. And thank you, Boss community. I love being here.

Pamela Chen: [01:01:37] I love everyone.

Emily Thompson: [01:01:41] Find yourself wanting more of that spiritual and business crossover, then I think it's time for you to check out the bean boss community though. We talk a lot of straight mundane business. We of course have someplace for the Wu to community members have access. It says to our Wu topic channel, or you can join the conversation about tarot rituals and more, and clubhouse members get extra access to replays of last year's guided by intuition gathering, featuring the likes of Pamela chin, Biddy, tarot, and Mecca woods, and a monthly new moon circle for setting monthly intentions like a boss.

Emily Thompson: [01:02:19] You can find all of this and more inside the being boss community, which you can join by going to being And until next time, do the work, be boss.