Episode 255

Manifesting Money with Pamela Chen

March 30, 2021

Expand your capacity for success and manifest the money you want to make with your business. In this episode, join in to hear from Pamela Chen, a spiritual entrepreneur who’s talking about manifesting, and not the watered-down platitudes of practicing positivity and creating a mood board, but the real magic of reprogramming yourself for success and abundance and calling in what you desire.

Pamela Chen smiling brightly while holding her deck of cards.
Episode Transcript
"If you think money is a struggle, you have to brainwash yourself out of that belief."
- Pamela Chen

Discussed in this Episode

  • Pamela Chen's entrepreneurial journey
  • Basics of Manifesting
  • Levelling Up Money Manifestations
  • Co-Creation: Manifesting and Doing the Work
  • Normalizing wealth and abundance
  • Pamela Chen's new card decks

Resources Mentioned