Episode 254

How to Build a Life that Supports Your Business with Megan Flatt

March 16, 2021

Most business owners want to build their business to support their life, crafting the ideal work/life balance. But as we go along this entrepreneurial journey, things often begin revolving entirely around our work. In this episode, join Emily and her business bestie, Megan Flatt, as they talk about entrepreneurship, motherhood, and what it takes to build a life that supports your business.

Megan Flatt holding a cup of coffee while working happily
Episode Transcript
"Running a business is like a spinner at the circus. You put your energy into getting each plate to spin."
- Megan Flatt

Discussed in this Episode

  • Identifying what is internal and external support we need
  • How rewarding ourselves can change our mindset and help us achieve our goals
  • Mitigating the guilt of working for your business and doing your roles outside the business
  • Setting boundaries for your business
  • Sharing parenting obligations with your other half while running a business
  • Giving your kids accountability at home to help you free up some time to run your business

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Megan Flatt