Episode 253

Being an Influencer with Vivian Kaye

March 2, 2021

To explore the topic of influence and how we, as business owners, wield influence in our life and work, Vivian Kaye returns to give a look inside how to stay authentic when you have attention of tens of thousands of followers. In this episode, Vivian shares her experience of the growth of her influence, and how she uses her platform to fuel her personal brand, a product brand, and her mission to make an impact in the world.

Vivian Kaye with a big smile and very happy with colorful balloons
Episode Transcript
"I think every boss needs a keg full of audacity."
- Vivian Kaye

Discussed in this Episode

  • Vivian Kaye's journey as an entrepreneur and how being authentic helps her business
  • How keeping it REAL quickly made her a personality, taking her beyond the title of founder and CEO to influencer
  • Coping with how the pandemic affected her business
  • Catching up with "Chad"
  • The importance of audacity and why we all need it
  • The shift in influencer marketing
  • How just being you can make a difference and still blow up your business

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Emily Thompson


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