Episode 237 // Authenticity in Marketing with Vivian Kaye of KinkyCurlyYaki

July 21, 2020

Live from the “Make Time to Shine” Being Boss Conference, Vivian Kaye of KinkyCurlyYaki joins Emily and Kathleen to explore the topics of personal branding and marketing with authenticity. The three of them also talk about finding gaps in the market, battling fraudy feelings, what’s changing in the world of ecommerce, and so much more.

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"If you speak to a very specific group of people and you sell them a very specific product, they will be your most loyal fans because you know more about them, especially when you already are them."
- Vivian

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Vivian became an entrepreneur
  • Seeing a gap in the market and solving a problem with your offering
  • Why Vivian stayed on a niche path instead of expanding her products
  • Why authenticity is so important to a business
  • Battling impostor syndrome and fraudy feelings
  • Using yourself as a tool for growth
  • What's changing in the world of ecommerce
  • Getting back to basics during the pandemic


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