Episode 236

Make Time To Shine

July 7, 2020

Emily is taking this special episode to recap the wisdom that was dropped during the virtual Being Boss Conference back in April. You’ll hear from Tara McMullin on why you should still promote your business in uncertain times, Autumn Witt Boyd on a very creative marketing idea, Vivian Kaye on the importance of displaying your passion in your business, and so many more.

Episode Transcript
"Focus on creating something of real value, more than figuring out any kind of tactic."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • How our audience and focus has shifted
  • How we narrowed in on your struggles to create topics for the Being Boss Conference
  • Snippets from Tara McMullin's "Meaningful Marketing in Strange Times" Keynote
  • Snippets from the Creating Time panel
  • Snippets from the Creating Marketing Strategies panel
  • Snippets from the Marketing Asset panel

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Emily Thompson


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