Episode 162

Getting a Day Job with Becky Simpson

February 6, 2018

What if you went back to having a day job…and you liked it? We often have inspiring conversations about making the leap to quit your day job and go at your business full-time, but today we’re talking with Becky Simpson of Chipper Things about another option: choosing to go back to a full-time job that you love while also growing your business—not as a temporary solution, but as a dreamy situation.

Episode Transcript
"If we have the opportunity to create while someone else is paying us, that is the dream."
- Becky Simpson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Quitting your job to go freelance and then choosing a day job again
  • Finding your own understanding of success
  • Letting go of your ownership of what you create so it can become part of your customer's story
  • What's it like to get a day job again after taking the leap to freelance on your own?
  • How to be selective about finding a day job as a creative entrepreneur
  • Differences in time management and operations when you have a day job + a business
  • Financial shifts in making money solely through your business vs. also having a salary
  • Advice for creatives who want to find a day job

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