Episode 56

Owning Your Creative Expertise with Tara Street

January 26, 2016

Today we’re excited to have Kathleen’s sister and business partner for Braid Creative, Tara Street. We’re talking all about owning your creative expertise—whether you’re a boss on a team or THE boss of your own business—so that you can assure your clients and not have to start over from scratch with each new project. Tara is a master at helping clients find and own their expertise, and she’s even sharing a script you can use to help you feel more boss.

Episode Transcript
"What you write shapes, in many ways, what you become."
- Tara Street

Discussed in this Episode

  • Leaving your dream job to start your own business
  • Finding your process and your method
  • Being a boss in a team when you aren't THE boss
  • Transitioning your expertise and blending your experience
  • How to find clarity in your message
  • Sharing your expertise and your process
  • How to balance experimenting and being methodical

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