Podcast Episode #55 // Playing Big with Tara Mohr

Podcast Episode #55 // Playing Big with Tara Mohr

This week we’re welcoming Tara Mohr, an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. Tara helps women play bigger in sharing their voices and bringing forward their ideas in work and in life. Tara’s book, Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead, named a best book of the year by Apple’s iBooks (and we highly recommend it too!), shares her model for making the journey from playing small—being held back by fear and self-doubt—to playing big, taking bold action to pursue what you see as your callings. Tara takes a unique approach that blends inner work and practical skills training and she joins us this week to share her knowledge to our bosses on Being Boss.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What does it mean to “play big?”
  • Your Inner Critic and the safety instinct
  • Listening to your callings
  • You Inner Mentor
  • Different kinds of fear
  • The difference between and oscillating between Playing Big and Playing Small
  • Is Playing Big for everyone?


Live your calling now Playing Big


'Playing big is being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet 'Everybody has that voice of self doubt and the reason is that we've also got an instinct to stay safe.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet 'Any time we're on our playing big edges, we're going to hear from our inner critic.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet 'We always want to pay attention to the practical, no-big-deal ways to start living our callings now.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet Women relate more in circles and mutual exchanges, it's not that hierarchical 'son, let me guide you.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet Playing Big is a journey we're on through our whole lives. We don't 'arrive.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet 'Playing Big is unblocking your gifts. When we Play Small we're actually fighting against ourselves.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet 'Think of Playing Big as a more natural flow than Playing Small. It's not about pushing harder.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet 'For many people the most courageous, Playing Big decisions are things that look small to the outside.' -@tarasophia Click To Tweet

Be loyal to your dreams Playing Big

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