January 12, 2016

Episode #54 // Managing Clients

Today we’re jamming on client relationships for creative entrepreneurs – everything from firing a client from hell to keeping the dream clients well … dreamy. This episode is going to be great for any of you service-based creatives who rely on clients for a paycheck, and for any creative entrepreneurs who are struggling with defining their process, laying out their contracts, and creating expectations.

'The first step in good client relationships is to know your own positioning, expertise and offerings.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Show only your best work and only the work you want more of.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'If you don't have a contract, you need to have one.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Think through every worst case scenario and your contract should outline the exit strategy there.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'It's easy to villainize your client if you're frustrated or scared that you're not doing a good job.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Managing your clients is the difference between a super frazzled & a really dreamy experience.' @EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'If you want dreamy engagements with your clients, know your red flags and how to deal with them.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'The most boss you can be comes whenever you just say what you mean.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Dreamy clients are dreamy because you manage them perfectly.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Even the dreamiest clients, if mismanaged, are going to have a shit time with you.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet

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"If you want dreamy engagements with your clients, know your red flags and how to deal with them."
- Emily Thompson


  • Knowing your own positioning + offerings first
  • Setting expectations for process, communication, timeline, etc.
  • Showing only your best work and the work you want more of
  • Red flags
  • Onboarding, contracts & payments
  • Setting the timeline from the beginning
  • What to do when client management goes bad
  • Firing clients and that moment of reckoning
  • Client love



Show the work you want
Say what you mean