May 26, 2015

Episode #21 // Finding Your Chief Initiative with Tara Gentile

In today’s episode of Being Boss, Emily and Kathleen welcome special guest, Tara Gentile. Tara is a business strategist and coach for creative entrepreneurs to help them grow their influence in a way that works toward your unique communication strengths. She’s also the author of The Art of Earning, The Art of Growth, and Quiet Power Strategy.

'If you don't learn the lessons in your day job, you'll repeat the same mistakes in your own business.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'The mundane, 'show up and do the work' idea is the thing that contributes to most people's success.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'The more opportunities you build celebration into your business, the more fulfilled you'll feel.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'We all come with built-in maps—We all have specific strengths and specific communication advantages.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'The reason we keep looking for that formula for success is because we are afraid of being the boss.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'We've been conditioned to figure out the system and then work that system to get the results we want.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'You have to look through your ideas to see your customer's perspective of why that idea matters.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'Make your customers feel an urgency in a way that says: I see you, I hear you, I understand you.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'When you're able to empathize with someone, you're able to see the step you need to take.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet 'People who are decisive and act fast are the people for whom opportunities come fast and furious.' -@TaraGentile Click To Tweet

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"The reason we keep looking for that formula for success is because we are afraid of being the boss."
- Tara Gentile


  • Finding value in your day job and learning lessons in the work you do
  • Celebrating successes as a creative entrepreneur
  • Quiet power strategy: how to lead yourself in your business based on what's most effective and compelling for you
  • Finding a path that works for you vs. trying to plug your business/brand into a "formula"
  • Creating a product or service that a customer is already looking for or to fix a problem they're already having
  • Having that confidence behind feeling that what you provide is the solution to the problem your client is having
  • Qualities of being a great boss or leader
  • Finding a chief initiative


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