Episode #154 // Becoming an Enthusiastic Leader with Tara Gentile

"Being a leader is not a thing that you are, it's a thing that you do."
- Tara Gentile

What does it take to be a leader? Tara Gentile joins us again on Being Boss to talk about how becoming a leader in your market and breaking into the “in crowd,” is much more achievable than you might thing—and she’s sharing what it takes to get there.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Reaching the top of your market and being part of the “in crowd”
  • Markers of showing up:
    • Enthusiasm
    • Kindness
    • Focus
    • Providing a sense of perspective or calm
    • Acting with openness

Focus breeds traction


Being a leader is not a thing that you are, it's a thing that you do. Click To Tweet The people at the top—the people who are wielding the most power—are incredibly enthusiastic. Click To Tweet Enthusiasm is the number one determiner of whether you yield power in a market or not. Click To Tweet Focus breeds traction. Click To Tweet

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