Episode 155

Keeping Perspective with Alexandra Franzen

December 19, 2017

Alexandra Franzen joins us on Being Boss to talk about staying motivated as a creative when you’re feeling deflated, experimenting with which online platforms work for you and your business, and learning from criticism and disappointment.

Episode Transcript
"Even if it is 7pm, 10pm, 11:30pm, today is not over yet. It's always possible to end the day on a positive note."
- Alexandra Franzen

Discussed in this Episode

  • Alexandra's motto: "Today is not over yet."
  • How to stay motivated when you're feeling deflated
  • Getting to the point where you feel secure in your own business
  • Deciding to quit social media
  • Sharing the difficult, not-so-positive things with your audience
  • Learning from criticism

Resources Mentioned