Episode 235

Creating a Business Plan

June 30, 2020

How do you make sure that the business you start will be everything you want it to be? A business plan can help put you on the right path. Being Boss has partnered with Freshbooks to create a Business Plan Template; and in this episode, Emily walks you through every step of using that template to create your own business plan.

Episode Transcript

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why your business might benefit from a business plan
  • Deciding on a reason for creating the plan
  • What formats will work for the writing
  • Breaking down the sections of the business plan:
    • Executive Summary (10:00)
    • Goals (18:50)
    • Skills + experience (21:16)
    • Your products / services (23:16)
    • Target Market (28:27)
    • Industry/Competition (29:36)
    • Operational plans (31:20)
    • Marketing plans (33:13)
    • Sales forecast / financial projections (35:04)
    • Startup-Expenses (36:02)

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