Episode 234 // The Power of Conversation

June 23, 2020

Live from the “Make Time to Shine” Being Boss Conference, Emily and Kathleen discuss the most powerful tool of Being Boss: conversation. They dive into ways in which conversation can elevate creativity and how to have conversations with yourself, your community, your business partners, and your customers.

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"The queen bee role of Being Boss is modeling and facilitating conversations that help creatives do business."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • A quick recap of the Being Boss Conference
  • Rediscovering the purpose behind Being Boss
  • Ways in which conversation can elevate creativity
  • How to have conversations with yourself
  • Expanding conversations to include your community
  • Talking through dreams and visions with your team and business partners
  • Sharing the conversation with your audience and customers
  • Tips for talking business


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