Episode 321

Navigating Entrepreneurship with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

September 27, 2022

As an entrepreneur, your career path has probably not been a straight shot. In this episode, Emily is joined by Ashley Menzies Babatunde, host of No Straight Path, live from Inbound 2022 to explore how removing expectations and adopting curiosity can help you embrace your experiences. They also discuss how storytelling can help us combat loneliness, why you should never consider any past experience as a waste, and how your values impact your journey in past, present, and future.

Episode Transcript
"There are no mistakes in our journeys. There are no wasted past experiences."
- Ashley Menzies Babatunde

Discussed in this Episode

  • Both Emily and Ashley share a look their own career paths
  • What inspired Ashley’s podcast
  • Why storytelling is important for creating relatability
  • How taking the windy path can help you develop skills
  • Adopting curiosity and releasing expectations to embrace your unique path
  • How Emily uses the test and change mindset in business
  • Ashley shares her why and how she applies that to her life and work
  • How your values will impact your entrepreneurial journey

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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Ashley Menzies Babatunde