Podcast Episode #2 // What To Do When You’re...

Podcast Episode #2 // What To Do When You’re Freaking Out About Money

In the second episode of Being Boss Emily and Kathleen discuss the thing most creatives are afraid to think about, much less talk about – MONEY. Specifically, what to do when you’re freaking out about money.


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  • Your attitude around money can make or break your bottom line
  • Kathleen gives you a way to shift your perspective and how you think about money
  • Emily shares six easy steps you can take to stop freaking out about money
  • We talk about a few money management tools
  • Plus, one thing you can do to make more money today

Money is energy


Money is energy. It's not good or bad. It's neutral – like electricity. Click To Tweet Even if you're broke you can live a life of abundance. Click To Tweet The universe abhors a vacuum – you have to create space for your clients. Click To Tweet What can you do to make $100 today? Let people know how to buy you. Click To Tweet If a potential client can't afford you then they're not a good fit. Click To Tweet To make more money, invest in yourself. Click To Tweet

Freaking out about money


Breathe. Freaking out is not going to help anything. Click To Tweet If you run a business you have to keep track of your money. Click To Tweet If you're hoarding money then you're not creating that flow of money around you. Click To Tweet

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