Podcast Episode #25 // Your Capacity to Have with ...

Podcast Episode #25 // Your Capacity to Have with Brooke Castillo

Brooke Castillo joins Emily and Kathleen on Being Boss to talk about her coaching philosophy and help us expand our minds to allow abundance into our lives. Brooke’s philosophy on coaching is that it’s all about feeling better, evolving to become the person you want to be, and recognizing that your thoughts will manifest in the world around you. You may know her from her podcast, The Life Coach School Podcast or for one of her many books such as Self Coaching 101.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Being who you want to be and learning while you are at your day job or corporate job
  • “woo-woo” and spirituality as a deeper part of your business
  • Understanding your capacity to have
  • Understanding the real reason you don’t have clients or success (yet!)
  • Managing your mind and the mind-body connection
  • Learning how to break down negative thoughts

Sense from within Brooke Castillo


'There's so much to learn there and there's so much we can benefit from taking corporate jobs.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'You still get to be a creative even if the work you're doing for your job isn't directly related.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'The way to get to where you want is from within—understanding that deep sense of our own selves.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'The more abundance we have in our life, the we associate that with what we have to do.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'I've found that the more abundance I receive willingly, the less I have to do.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'If you believe your capacity to have is unlimited, what belief is preventing you from having it?' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'That's such good news: There's a reason you don't have a client and it's a solvable reason.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'All of your power is within your thinking.' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet 'You have to decide—Do I want to keep thinking this? Or do I want to believe something different?' -@BrookeCastillo Click To Tweet

Unlimited capacity to have Brook Castillo

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