June 30, 2015

Episode #26 // Better Together with Lisa Congdon and Clay Walsh

What happens when you go into creative entrepreneurship with your significant other? And what about when you’ve established a business as a creative solopreneur and then ask your significant other to quit a dreamy job and work with you? Today we’re talking with Lisa Congdon and Clay Walsh who did just that. Lisa is a full time working artist. You may have seen her work in Martha Stewart Living, The Land of Nod, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum and Bedford Gallery. Or you may know her from any of her five books including Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist and Whatever You Are Be A Good One. She also writes a daily blog about her work, life, and inspiration. And Clay is Lisa’s wife who has left her boss lady day job to work by Lisa’s side so that they can together build a business that neither of them could build as successfully on their own.

'My self perception was holding me back. Then I realized, no one's even thinking about that.' -@LisaCongdon Click To Tweet 'I realized the only way I was going to grow or scale my business was by bringing on another person.' -@LisaCongdon Click To Tweet 'Being a creative entrepreneur is a lot of reacting to what opportunities come your way.' -@LisaCongdon Click To Tweet 'Whatever your life is, whatever your experience is, your age is: own it. Make it a positive thing.' -@LisaCongdon Click To Tweet 'Things that were a source of embarrassment for me actually connect me most with my audience.' -@LisaCongdon Click To Tweet 'We're busy, but it's not at the level where we're not having a life too.' -@clay_walsh Click To Tweet We keep things light and not-so-serious. We have a phrase we use: 'we chose this.' -@clay_walsh Click To Tweet 'I'm trying not to work like an employee. I don't expect things to be like a 40 hour work week.' -@clay_walsh Click To Tweet 'Communication as an entrepreneur is so important. Don't just leave it to email.' -@clay_walsh Click To Tweet 'Don't be scared, just talk things through. Be confident in your communication.' -@clay_walsh Click To Tweet

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"Whatever your life is, whatever your experience is, your age is: own it. Make it a positive thing."
- Lisa Congdon


  • Having imposter syndrome as a creative entrepreneur
  • Leaving a dreamy job for entrepreneurship
  • How to work with someone when you're also in a relationship
  • Determining how to say yes or no to a new opportunity
  • Creating your own agenda as a boss and reminding yourself that you have control of how you spend your time


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