Podcast Episode #33 // Self Care for Mom Bosses wi...

Podcast Episode #33 // Self Care for Mom Bosses with Special Guest Rebecca Egbert

To the working moms, mom-to-be’s, and mamapreneurs—this episode is for you! We’re talking with postpartum health expert Rebecca Egbert about self care—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—for mothers who are also boss.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Getting in your right mind as a mom and a boss, especially when you’re sleep-deprived
  • Habits and routines for mom-bosses
  • Tapping your creative tribe as a mom-boss and combating alienation
  • Getting organized and setting boundaries as a mom and a boss
  • Easing back into physical exercise after child birth

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'I relate my mood to the time I take to meditate—It's making me a happier person, more productive person.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet 'I relate my mood to the time I take to meditate—It's making me a happier person, more productive person.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet 'Our brain has to be organized first before our body responds to it.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet Therapy is okay. If you feel like you might be struggling with postpartum depression, go see a therapist. -@rsegbert Click To Tweet 'Set your desired time to go to bed and wake up and commit to that time. It manages stress.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet Make an investment in yourself that takes you out of mother role and puts you into boss/woman/friend role. -@rsegbert Click To Tweet Being a mom is hard in different ways for everyone. Be the friend who does something for your girlfriend. -@rsegbert Click To Tweet 'Get out of your head and into your body because our heads are exhausting.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet 'Everything is malleable, nothing is forever.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet If you want to make changes in your diet, in your body, etc., you have to be consistent in your practice. -@rsegbert Click To Tweet 'Let's change the way women are cared for after they have a baby since there's not a lot of care.' -@rsegbert Click To Tweet

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