November 10, 2015

Episode #45 // The Golden Egg with David Heinemeier Hansson

David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, founder and CTO at Basecamp, and best selling author, is joining us today on the Being Boss podcast to talk about finding the “golden egg” in your business and improving your odds to build something successful—not through over-glorified risks, but through sharing your knowledge, switching strategies once you’ve found what works for you, and remembering that time and patience can pay off in the end – big time.

'The fact is, the majority of projects don't turn out to be a full time thing. That doesn't mean they're bad.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'You're not a real entrepreneur unless you're one step from being on the street' is such an unnecessary myth. -@dhh Click To Tweet 'One of my biggest pet peeves is the notion that you have to pour it all in and you have to take maximum risk.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'Growing things from a seed and just a little patience opens up a whole lot of other doors down the road.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'Strategies that make sense in the beginning are sometimes the opposite strategies that make sense later on.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'The strategies for getting a golden egg and for keeping a golden egg are often in direct opposition.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'Our secret weapon was that we were going to out-teach everyone else. We were going to share it all.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'Odds of breaking into the limelight just because you're good are vanishingly small. You have to do the work.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'Building an audience is really hard work. You get one listener and one reader at a time.' -@dhh Click To Tweet 'Stay as small as you can as long as you can. Most people don't realize what they have until they lose it.' -@dhh Click To Tweet

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"Odds of breaking into the limelight just because you're good are vanishingly small. You have to do the work."
- David Heinemeier Hansson


  • The myth of taking huge risks in order to be an entrepreneur
  • Sharing your knowledge to build your audience
  • Routines, boundaries, and habits to do the work
  • Sustaining success and keeping motivation in your current business
  • Side hustles and passion projects
  • Balancing being boss with "doing the work"
  • Staying small vs. growing an agency


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Do the work
Audience one reader at a time