Episode 46

Finding Focus in Your Creative Business

November 17, 2015

Many creative entrepreneurs we speak to feel unfocused and scattered, but it’s not for a lack of ideas. Many creatives are talented or interested in LOTS of things. Or some creatives know they have a creative spirit, but feel like a jack of all trades / master of none. So today we’re talking about finding your creative focus and how to shift your focus if you want to change directions or add more to the mix.

Episode Transcript
"So many creatives self-sabotage by focusing on what's 3 steps ahead instead of just the next step."
- Kathleen Shannon

Discussed in this Episode

  • Finding focus and getting distracted
  • Finding something you LOVE to do vs. finding something you find interesting
  • Focusing on one thing at a time
  • Feeling scattered and distracted
  • Shifting focus
  • Asking for what you want

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


Almanac Supply Co

Kathleen Shannon
Kathleen Shannon


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