Podcast Episode #46 // Finding Focus in Your Creat...

Podcast Episode #46 // Finding Focus in Your Creative Business

Many creative entrepreneurs we speak to feel unfocused and scattered, but it’s not for a lack of ideas. Many creatives are talented or interested in LOTS of things. Or some creatives know they have a creative spirit, but feel like a jack of all trades / master of none. So today we’re talking about finding your creative focus and how to shift your focus if you want to change directions or add more to the mix.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Finding focus and getting distracted
  • Finding something you LOVE to do vs. finding something you find interesting
  • Focusing on one thing at a time
  • Feeling scattered and distracted
  • Shifting focus
  • Asking for what you want


Focus on the next step


'Blogging isn't just about sharing your gifts of knowledge, it's also an experimenting ground.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'What are you confident in? That's a really great place to find focus.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet So many creatives self-sabotage by focusing on what's 3 steps ahead instead of just the next step. -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'You will not gain creative confidence by getting stuck in your own head.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet You don't need a plan for every single thing you do. Just do it, have fun with it and see what happens. -@andkathleen Click To Tweet

Find your groove


'It's not about doing what you love, it's doing what interests you long enough to stick with it.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'You have to find your groove. Focus is something that comes with an understanding of a task.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'In order to do well in each phase of your business, you need to focus on one thing at a time.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Talking is not doing, thinking is not doing, planning is not doing. Doing is doing.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'It's a habit of entrepreneurs to monetize everything. It's okay to keep interests just for you.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet

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