November 24, 2015

Episode #47 // You Need a Budget with Jesse Mecham

This week we’re joined by Jesse Mecham, the founder of We’re getting real about budgeting your money for both your business and your personal life, but also shifting your mindset so it’s not a scary thing. Jesse shares the emotional aspect of money, and creating awareness around your bank account.

'If you take a 'pro' mindset and apply that to your personal budget, it gives you so much more freedom.' @jessemecham Click To Tweet 'Treat your personal finances as you would a business, but don't be so stodgy. You have to loosen up.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'A budget is just a fancy word for deciding beforehand what you want to do with your money.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'When you don't have a plan beforehand, every single penny you have is full of guilt and questioning.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'What do you want? You've got to be intentional and really own it. That's where the stress disappears.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'You traded some of your life away for this pile of money, so what do you want to do with your life?' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'People romanticize the entrepreneurial thing, and it's not. It's just one way to trade your energy.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'If you can clear out money from being this drain, then it enables you to achieve your goals.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'Scarcity lets you confront reality. Without that force behind you, it's hard to change the game.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet 'What you manage, you improve.' -@jessemecham Click To Tweet

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"A budget is just a fancy word for deciding beforehand what you want to do with your money."
- Jesse Mecham


  • The importance of having a budget
  • The emotion behind money
  • The necessity to change your budget / roll with the punches
  • How to get over the fear of money and budgeting
  • Creating awareness


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Budgeting for creative entrepreneurs
Budgeting for creative entrepreneurs