Episode 59

Finding Balance in Business & Life with Meg Keene

February 16, 2016

Today we’re talking to Meg Keene, who built the empire that is A Practical Wedding. She’s written a best selling book under the same name and just launched A Practical Wedding Planner which is a must read for any of you boss listeners who are getting married. But today – we’re just going to have a real conversation with Meg about motherhood, being a literal boss of employees, and manifesting what you want.

Episode Transcript
"The more I let people play to their strengths, the stronger the company is."
- Meg Keene

Discussed in this Episode

  • Starting a blog as a business plan
  • Dealing with haters and privacy boundaries
  • Building a business that's separate from your personal space
  • Boundaries as a mom and a boss
  • Manifesting dreams
  • Hiring employees vs firing employees
  • Managing a team and having hard conversations
  • Delegating and control

Resources Mentioned