PODCAST EPISODE #58 // Creating Content with Erica...

PODCAST EPISODE #58 // Creating Content with Erica Midkiff

Today’s boss guest is our good friend and content coach Erica Midkiff. She’s talking with us about finding your voice, why writing is important, making time to create content, how to get past creative blocks, and what to do when you feel like nobody is listening. Erica Midkiff is a content coach who helps creatives listen to and trust themselves so they can share what they know with those who need to hear it most.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why is writing important?
  • Using writing to process ideas for yourself + the clarifying walk
  • How to find your voice in your writing
  • What to do if you don’t know what to write about
  • Writing content for newsletters
  • Influence vs copying when finding your writing voice
  • Creating content for multiple platforms
  • Editorial calendars
  • Writing About pages
  • Making time for writing
  • Giving yourself the permission to work the way you work best


Erica Midkiff Communication creative entrepreneur


'If you don't communicate with yourself, it's hard to communicate with others in any meaningful way.' -@EricaMidkiff Click To Tweet 'Writing, in essence, is how we communicate with the people we are meant to help.' -@EricaMidkiff Click To Tweet 'Working in your brain is not really working, it's just obsessing.' -@EricaMidkiff Click To Tweet 'If a blog feels like a ton of horrible work, don't do it.' -@EricaMidkiff Click To Tweet Write for the people who will see themselves in what you're writing and go 'YES! Someone gets me!'- @EricaMidkiff Click To Tweet

communicating for writing for creative entrepreneurs with Erica Midkiff

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