Episode 61

Fitness for Bosses with Jason Harrison

March 1, 2016

Today we’re talking to Jason Harrison of Present Tense Fitness. Jason is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, and since you know that we love to occasionally geek out about fitness—especially when it parallels the journey of creatives—we’re going to be talking to him about fitness, lifestyle, and being a creative entrepreneur.

Episode Transcript
"People feel better when they're active. When you feel better, you think better and you work better."
- Jason Harrison

Discussed in this Episode

  • Supporting diversity and other small businesses through your business
  • Parallels between getting in shape and starting a business
  • Applying lessons you learn in business and fitness to every part of your life
  • Shame and energy
  • How fitness influences the rest of your life
  • Investing time in the process
  • Breaking down goals while being committed to the progress
  • The importance of rest while not making excuses
  • Practical fitness and wellness tips for creative entrepreneurs

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