Episode 65 // How to Take Care of Yourself Like a Boss

March 29, 2016

We recently took a trip to New Orleans—just the two of us—and decided to record an episode on self care because if you don’t take care of yourself, then how can you expect to be boss? We’re talking about building a healthy foundation, fitness, food, beauty, boundaries, and investing in yourself as much (or even more) as you do your business.

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This Episode Brought to You By:
"Investing in yourself is just as important—if not more important—than investing in your business."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Our "musts" for taking care of ourselves like bosses (3:44)
  • Where to start if you don't already have a healthy foundation (5:10)
  • Food's relationship with our bodies (7:07)
  • Working out for self care (10:19)
  • Setting clear boundaries around your work (14:51)
  • Personal hygiene and beauty/makeup (16:41)
  • Making time for self care (18:49)
  • Spirituality as self care (19:50)
  • Investing in yourself (26:48)
  • Traveling as self care (28:42)
  • Intentional self care (31:29)

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Emily Thompson 0:00
Hello and welcome to being boss episode number 65. This episode is brought to you by fresh books, cloud accounting.

Being boss and work and life is being in it.

Kathleen Shannon 0:15
It's being who we are doing the work, breaking some rules. And even though we each have to do it on our own,

Emily Thompson 0:23
being boss is knowing we're in it together.

Kathleen Shannon 0:27
We are recording together here for New Orleans.

Emily Thompson 0:30
Yeah, that's

Kathleen Shannon 0:31
our official being boss home base we've decided. So if you guys don't know, I Kathleen and from Oklahoma City, and Emily is in Chattanooga. And New Orleans is pretty much right smack dab in between us. I mean, further south ish.

Emily Thompson 0:47
I mean, kind of,

Kathleen Shannon 0:50
but yeah, maybe it's a stretch, but I feel like we'll make it work. You know what I feel like New Orleans is kind of our being boss home, probably because our first vacation was here in October where 75 other bosses met up with us. We had such a good time. But what we had planned, originally planned on was just having a vacation you and I and then we were like what if we invited our listeners, we had no idea what it was going to turn into. So we decided to kind of a little bit of a do over here in New Orleans. But we also needed to do a photo shoot for our new website, which is being boss club. So we're shooting that tomorrow with Sarah Becker Lillard? I bet by the time this episode goes live, maybe not quite yet. We'll have our photos. But keep checking back so that you can see, we're going to have such a fun photoshoot. And so we're really looking forward to that. What we wanted to talk about today is taking care of yourself, like a boss. But first, Emily.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Yes, ma'am.

Unknown Speaker 1:53
I have a new goal, a new boss goal.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
What's that?

Kathleen Shannon 1:59
So I was on the fresh book site because I was just refreshing looking at what they've got going on now from their new app to pricing just to, I don't know, refresh myself. And I saw these little testimonials at the bottom from some total bosses. And my new boss goal is to get a testimonial feature on freshbooks.com.

Emily Thompson 2:23
Of course it is.

Kathleen Shannon 2:25
So fresh books is a cloud accounting service made especially for small business owners. And I've been using it since the beginning. Since the time that I remember back in the day, it used to be that you could have three clients for free in fresh books. And I would delete old clients to add a new one like that's how not boss I was But hey, you know, you got to bootstrap it somewhere. So anyway, I've been using them since the beginning. I love them, we still use them at breed creative and a cool thing that they have now is a really great app. So if you are on a vacation like we are in New Orleans, you can write off your afternoon drink and plug it right into freshbooks and do your expenses anyway it's just I cannot recommend it more try it for free today by going to freshbooks comm slash being boss and enter being boss in the How did you hear about us section?

Emily Thompson 3:21
Now, I want to talk about taking care of yourself like a boss because we're on vacation, a working vacation obviously we're recording a podcast so working and doing some planning and I'm kind of doing this for self care. A bit. Mm hmm. Um, let's talk about what are some of your What are some of your musts for taking you're taking care of yourself like a boss?

Kathleen Shannon 3:49
You know, it's funny, I think that um, I, since working for myself have done a really good job of scheduling time to work out and eating well and those are kind of just Givens for me at this point, maybe it's not for you. So my biggest piece of advice is to schedule it in your calendar. I cannot stress this enough. If you want to take care of yourself put it in your calendar like a meeting there you go moving stuff around you guys Emily is always giving me shit about all the noise I'm making great recordings and now that we're recording live

Emily Thompson 4:25
and like tracks that are uneditable like this is one drag not do again a raise people's noise I'm just messing with making noise.

Kathleen Shannon 4:34
Okay, so anyway, I was just thinking about you talking about us being on vacation, and I have a real need to take care of myself on a whole new level that I've kind of been neglecting. So for me working out and eating well kind of the obvious stuff. I soak in Epsom salt baths. lately. I've been getting acupuncture that's been huge but i've i've really Found a need to kind of take care of myself on a more woowoo spiritual level.

Emily Thompson 5:05
I knew that was coming.

Kathleen Shannon 5:08
Well, okay, get into that, like, what about you?

Emily Thompson 5:11
Well, and I'd like to back up a lot, because I think that you and i, you and I are pretty, like, we have a good foundation and like self care. But let's let's back up super far to like, maybe a boss who isn't eating right, or isn't working out and putting that on their calendar or, you know, is working unhealthy hours and things like that, because I think I think having that firm foundation is really important. And so, like, whenever I think about where I was, you know, five years ago, when I was working 60 and 80 hour weeks trying to like start a business or just run a business. It was started, I was just trying to, like, do all the client work and, and make my paycheck. You know, I wasn't eating really well. And I wasn't putting workouts on my calendar. And I was staying up really late to get client projects launched and I wasn't having very healthy relationships, because I was working all the time. I mean, like, whenever you are hustling it out, it's really easy to get lost in all the nonsense and not take care of yourself at all. So most of us it was like really basic thing. So for me, one of the first pieces of the puzzle was eating right, so I didn't like grow up in a family that ate well. I mean, they're all like super Southern fried food biscuits for breakfast. Like that's how I grew up and loved it. absolutely loved it. My body didn't so much um, I'd say the one thing that I did that totally changed my diet around and I eat clean as hell now like I'm a clean athlete or except for that gumbo I had earlier

Kathleen Shannon 6:46
that you just clean as a leader on the clean as eater ama Alright, so you just ate some gumbo.

Emily Thompson 7:04
gumbo? No. Okay, so the thing that I did to make me a clean eater, um, was my first whole serving. Hmm,

Kathleen Shannon 7:16
I completely agree I feel like eating a whole 30 and eating paleo is a such a good foundation for learning how to eat clean. We did an interview with Melissa Hartwig, we'll be sure to include that in our show notes. Um, but her book, it's her book is called it starts with food. And that really explains the how and the why of eating a more paleo diet. And I'm not pushing this specifically because I don't think it's for everyone. But I know that it worked for the both of us in helping us feel more Boss, I severely underestimated the effect of that food has not only on my body, but also on my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts. So definitely eating clean helps me be more boss. But I think that if you are really venturing into eating a little bit better, like one of the best things that you can do is probably just cut out sugar, like cut out refined sugar if you want to start there and drink more water.

Emily Thompson 8:15
Yeah, that drink more water thing is probably like the pinnacle of it because drinking more water is really great for your body, obviously, but it just like helps with like mental stability and all kinds and it's an easy thing to do. You're not cutting anything out of your diet, you're just drinking more water. And for me like the whole 30 wasn't even about going paleo because I'm not paleo now. I love all kinds of crazy shit. But I think for me what it was was going through 30 days of eating just really, really clean, so that I could get back in touch with my body in terms of how food makes me feel. And after doing, I think to whole 30s like I did it one year and felt great actually the thing that it totally fixed like some inflammation I was I'd been having in my knee for years. My first hole dirty totally like did away with that for a couple of years. And then the second time around, I figure a year later I did a second hole 30 and after that I cut gluten. So like yours is sugar for me. If you're going to cook cut something you don't want it to be sugar, make it gluten because going gluten free for us has done some really great things in terms of inflammation and just like foggy mind and sleeping better and, and like cleared up skin conditions like gluten has been it for me. But I think even if you go back to eating the same way you always have which I don't think you will after you do whole 30 doing whole 30 please for me was a really great way of getting super, super into eating clean so that I could be more aware of how to make smarter decisions for me.

Kathleen Shannon 9:48
And I think that we're taking it for granted that we know what whole 30 is but basically it's 30 days of not eating sugar so no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, no grains. No alcohol. Um, so a lot of these are big suspects whenever it comes to allergies or sensitivities. And so just cutting all that stuff out. Again, we'll include links to everything in our show notes. But again, it's a really great resource, it's free, you don't have to pay money to do the whole 30. Another thing is just working out. So again, I take it for granted. But I've done lots of workouts from just doing yoga for a year to now I'm really unboxing, three to four days a week, I'm sparring, and I'm doing some pretty heavy weightlifting. So I'm trying to get back into kind of the more canned stuff that I was doing whenever before I was pregnant. But for a while it was doing stuff like bar ballet, yoga, really gentle stuff that also made a tremendous effect long walks is huge for taking care of yourself. My The thing I love about going on a long walk is that I can use that time to brainstorm new ideas, either for blog posts, or podcast episodes. So long walks, I used to do something that I called because I work from home, I used to do this thing, this is pre baby, where I would walk to work. And so basically, I would just leave my house first thing in the morning, and you were talking about working too many hours, like working 60 to 80 hours. So one of the things that I've always really valued is having breakfast with my family. And I still really value that. And it's kind of a great way to transition from, you know, family time to work time is taking a walk to work, which is just walking around my neighborhood and either listening to a podcast or thinking about my thoughts, maybe going and grabbing a coffee down the street, and then coming home and getting into it. And then I think also transitioning out of work, working out is one of the best ways to get out of your work mind and you know, then you go work out and then you come home and you can just be home. And so for me, it's always been a good way to decompress from my work day and to kind of create a delineation between work and home. So that's kind of how I do it.

Emily Thompson 12:11
I love that i think that i think that working or hanging out is important. moving your body is super important. If you haven't already go back and listen to the episode that we did with Jason Harrison from present tense fitness, because he talks a lot about about working out as a as an entrepreneur. And I also want to bring up this idea of the soulmate workout, which comes from chalene, Johnson's book, push goals, or 30 day push or something like that. It'll be in the show notes at being boss club. And we've also done an episode with her previously as well, which will also be in the show notes. But the idea of a soulmate workout for those of us who don't love working out because I get it. Everyone has a fitness activity that they really enjoy. And it's just about finding it for me it was it was yoga, and it was something I had defined. I was really sure for a long time that I did not have a soulmate workout, that that was just bullshit. But now that I'm in it, I totally love it. And that for me is something that I really look forward to doing on the regular being evolves in your work and life becomes more and more possible as you put systems in place to help it all run smoothly. Whether I'm hustling out a full workweek in my studio or hopping a plane to travel for work or life, I am able to make more time for me if and when my systems are making my

Unknown Speaker 13:39
tasks to happen more

Emily Thompson 13:40
easily and efficiently. Because here's a boss turn for you. It's harder to take some time to take care of yourself when your systems are a mess. For me the basis of this is in scheduling meetings on my calendar, which has done beautifully with automatic scheduling based on my availability, automatic synching to my calendar so I can check it on the phone on the go. And autoresponders sent to those folks I get to meet with at just the right times. My go to for this bit of systems magic is acuity scheduling, they've got me covered and if you need it acuity can help you gather payments, deliver client intake forms and more. All done you guessed it automatically leaving me to take care of business and myself. Schedule clients without sacrificing your soul. Sign up for a free 60 day trial of scheduling sanity at acuity scheduling.com slash being boss. Now let's get back at it.

Kathleen Shannon 14:39
Alright, so we are talking about self care. And we just talked about eating well and working out. Okay, so what's next what's after eating well and working out because I think that those are the basis of self care.

Emily Thompson 14:51
Actually, I think I want to throw in like a more foundational basis for health for self care and that is setting some clear boundaries. boundaries around your work.

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Like what?

Emily Thompson 15:03
Like, like earlier, we were talking about not wanting to work more than 25 or 30 hours a week. And I think that's kind of where it starts, I think if you are working and you're like still pushing 60 to 80 hour weeks, or even just like 45, which is a little too much for me. Um, it's because you haven't set clear boundaries yet or not clear enough that you're actually following them. Because I think that i think that that little bit of intentional balance, even if it's intentional imbalance, which is totally a thing, um, is what gives you the room to have some healthy self care in your life.

Kathleen Shannon 15:41
Yeah, I think that's a really good point, I think that if you are, here's what you need to know, here's the secret is that the work will never be done. And so we've talked a lot about client management. So obviously, if you have deadlines, or you have a launch date coming up, you might have to work a little bit harder. But I think as you start to understand how long it takes for you to do things, you just need to schedule and price accordingly. So, for me, I definitely use the flexibility of being a creative entrepreneur to my advantage. So I am working out maybe first thing in the morning or at the end of the day earlier than what I would be doing at a nine to five and I think that that I used to feel really guilty about that. And even just recently, I was like oh my god, am I getting anything done? Am I just working out all day?

So okay, eating well working out setting boundaries around her work.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
How about personal hygiene?

Unknown Speaker 16:43
Are you saying I smell bad right now?

Emily Thompson 16:45
No, I'm saying I suck at it.

Kathleen Shannon 16:48
You are every time we get on a podcast, you're like I need to shower.

Emily Thompson 16:52
I do need to shower probably a little more often. But actually, I don't I shower. I shower at least every other day. My hair is thin and it gets oily quickly. So I have to shower a lot. Um, but i think i think that that is definitely something we should talk

Kathleen Shannon 17:07
about. Okay, so um, this is something I mean, you can tell I'm wearing makeup right now. But I actually even right after I had the baby I remember feeling funny because I wanted to wear makeup and my sister did not wear makeup after she had her babies like during maternity leave, but it made me feel a lot better about myself to get to feel I feel more like myself and every morning a little bit of liquid liner. So like that's a self care thing that I take time to do. Most days.

Emily Thompson 17:38
Yeah, I think I think that finding those things for you is really important for me it's generally at least getting out of my PJs like that's preferable however I do love working in my PJs um but i think it's it's you figuring out what's going to make you feel boss if you feel boss. If you feel bosses hell just going in there and your snowman PJ's because that's no man PJ's and working it out then like, then that's why you're doing this and absolutely do it. But if you feel really boss, whenever you are all dolled up with some red lipstick in your heels then girl you stressed that shirt right into that little home studio and get your shit done in your

Kathleen Shannon 18:18
red lipstick and heels. You know one thing that always makes me feel Boston even we have a photo shoot coming up tomorrow is a manicure, like nothing makes me feel more put together like a fresh manicure. So there's that that makes me feel boss, that's some self care that I would like to spend a little bit more time weekly, but man like going and getting that manicure every week. And then whenever they cut my cuticles and I bleed.

Emily Thompson 18:47
Right? That is the pit.

Kathleen Shannon 18:48
Okay, so we're periscoping this and refine it as I say that right? She says Time management is my problem. So how do you address making time for self care in your life?

Emily Thompson 19:03
If it's a priority, you do it. I mean, that's just the work is never done. So like I mean, you can absolutely work a 12 hour day and not get the things that you call priority done. Or you can work a six hour day because the rest is going to be there tomorrow and you can take care of yourself and do the work at the same time. Okay, so

Kathleen Shannon 19:25
Okay, so this is something that I'm kind of having an issue making time for earlier whenever we started the episode. So for me, it's kind of easy to make time for haircuts and make time for working out and making time for showering and putting on makeup maybe it's because I'm incredibly vain

Unknown Speaker 19:43
are you I never noticed.

Kathleen Shannon 19:47
Um, but I think that the thing that I want to make time for that I'm struggling with is the spiritual side of things. So I know that I feel better if I'm taking time every day to make tape and journal, and lightest stick of incense for my little gnomes living in my house. You know, it just makes me feel, um, I don't know, I guess because here's what I'm trying to say, as I become more boss. And as I can just go out and buy things or delegate things or hire people to help me with things like daycare and cleaning my house, I'm finding a need to tap into, like, my intuition and spirituality, because that's the stuff that lasts, that's the stuff that I'm going to take with me after I die. All the other stuff that makes me feel boss like manicures and a nice car and whatever, I can't take it with me. And I promise I'm not trying to get like all God on you guys. But for me, I know that if I can, if I can be my highest self, which is someone who is taking time to reflect and journal and do good and to do service for other people, like even today, we were talking about raising money for charity, through being boss, and just kind of addressing those sides of things. And, you know, really addressing my soul work, I think that that's going to make me be more boss. And it's really going to, you know, whenever we started our podcast, a lot of it is that is feeding my soul and not just the table and the stuff. And so I really think that if I can make time for this, just whenever it comes to time management, recognizing that it's an investment, and it's going to make me work better, it's going to make me be more aligned. And it's going to, it's going to feed everything else, I guess is what I'm trying to say. And as much as a manicure and a haircut and makeup do that. For me. I think that's the stuff that I'm kind of resisting. But I'm not trying to like, throw off the shallow stuff too, because that makes me feel more Boston work better to like Jason Harrison, of present tense fitness. In that episode, he said, whenever you feel good, you do better work. So that's my rant, feel free to edit. Feel free to edit some of that.

Emily Thompson 22:14
No, I think it's I mean, it's really good. I feel like the spiritual piece of it is like the epitome of doing something that's just for you. Like, I mean, really, like, just for you. So I think that whenever you can fit some of those things in and it's gonna be different for everyone. For some people, you know, it's going to be meditating. For me, it's going and walking out in my front yard with my shoes off. Like, I just want to feel the earth beneath my feet, and sort of reconnect with with where I am and get out of that like hole in my house. That is my studio. I call it the hole I call my like desk, the hole. Isn't that sweet? So So I do think that this spiritual piece is really important. And I think it can look different for everyone. And I think that whenever you do come to a place in your life, when you can, you can do that, whatever that means for you, then, then you are putting yourself as a priority. And I think that's really, really important.

Kathleen Shannon 23:13
Because you should be you're saying that so much more eloquently than I was able to. And I think that's because, like, for me, it's a self care thing that is kind of new for me. And so it's not as much. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can have discipline when it comes to making time for working out and all the other things that we've talked about and eating well, but making time for the spiritual side, I guess it just still feels almost like fluff even though I know it's important. It's almost like I don't believe it quite yet. Um, so some things that I like to do whenever it comes, I think my biggest thing is probably journaling. I think that's huge and helping to understand myself. dream interpretation is huge for me. I've always enjoyed doing that. And one of the things and we're in New Orleans, so maybe I'll get a new deck. But an Taro, I think is really interesting. I think it's a really cool exercise for self reflection. And I think it's just a really visual creative way to it can almost even be journal prompts, and Caitlin Brem, who is our assistant at braid and being boss. She did a really cool new moon reading the other day on her Periscope, and it really inspired me. So that was something and she kind of explained it in a way that it's not like the cards are telling your future. It's just a good tool to use for interpreting kind of different directions of things to focus on or things to even just reflect upon. So I think that's something I want to make time for and get into.

Emily Thompson 24:53
You should you really should and I think that does go right back to that idea of like, those are things where you are spending time with yourself. Self. And I think that I think that if you are a boss, you're comfortable spending time with yourself, no matter what that looks like, whether it's like allowing yourself to take a nap in the middle of the day or doing some at home yoga, or reading some tarot cards, or whatever that is, I think that, that getting in line with yourself allows you to see what it is in your life that you need, whether you need to be working out or whether you need to be eating better, or whether you need to be working less. Or maybe you need to be working more. I think that if you can spend some time with yourself really reflecting on how it is that you feel whether you're writing it out or looking at tarot cards, or meditating like, then you're more capable of being the boss that you're here to be. Okay, so

Kathleen Shannon 25:43
here's my time management thing, though, is like, let's say I'm working out. And that takes about two hours by the time I'm done and showered and all that. And then I'm doing some meditation, and then I'm doing some journaling. And then I'm eating lunch. Like when am I working?

Emily Thompson 26:03
Right? When are you working? Just kidding. I see you working? Well. And I think I mean, I think all of this stuff is progressive to I mean, whenever you start a business, you're gonna hustle. Like, you just you have to that's part of it, I would not be where I am. Now, if I had put that much time into my self care five years ago, probably. But you also have to do it healthily, like so our man, I hope we don't get anybody riled up about like our hustle talk, because I've seen enough conversations about like glorifying the hustle. That I'm not trying to glorify the hustle, I'm trying to glorify the hustle when well balanced, like hustling out. 100 hour week is not cute. Like that is not like you can get further by taking care of yourself and at least incrementally. And so yeah, you start your business, you start hustling. And as you put systems in place as you hire people, as you start landing clients, as you start making money, you need to start, you need to take that and reinvest it into yourself and do your number one employee, that's you. And I think investing in yourself care is super important, whether it's time, or money or other resources. And I think like in terms of the time management thing, I think that's where you know, that ideal day comes back up. And actually, we should include the ideal day worksheet. In our show notes, you can go to being boss club, download a worksheet that will help you outline your ideal day. Because that's what I had to do. For me, that's something I revisited relatively recently, where I really wanted to do, I wanted to fit journaling into my daily day. Basically, I was doing doing Erica midcaps Explorer course. And and I wanted to fit it into my morning. So I like I rewrote out what my ideal day would look like I'd get up 30 minutes earlier than usual so that I could squeeze that in, followed by like a daily yoga practice or whatever that is like you need to you need to visualize it and then you need to start working towards it. But you need to know what you're doing and you need to be listening to your body so that you know what it is that you need. I think that bosses age beautifully because we're taking care of ourselves, we're doing what we need to do to be boss in every way not just work, but in life as well. I do not feel like I'm aging beautifully under this light and so

Kathleen Shannon 28:41
um okay, so one thing about time management and like hustle versus self care. One thing that we both believe in when it comes to self care is traveling and traveling too. I think traveling energizes us big time. So I recently went to Mexico with a few other creative entrepreneurs and it was so helpful in just talking business and even this trip with you like those kind of vacation work trips blended together. And it's really energizing for me so whenever I came back from Mexico, I was really ready to do the work and that's whenever I really embraced using project management software to keep my tasks in order and I was working so much more efficiently and so for me creating putting systems in place that help us be boss is how we make time for self care. Hey man.

Emily Thompson 29:36
Oh I want to amen that so hard. I completely agree with that. And you did you came back from Mexico like a whole new person. She was in a sauna like just bust and shout and away I had never seen before. And I think that just goes to show like and we will like I talked about travel all the time. Like I am a traveler I need to go places I need to be somewhere new occasionally. You will never see me happier than I am like strolling around half drunk, the French Quarter like, that is my happy place. And on this whole other level, like, I want to be on airplanes, actually, I hate airplanes, I want to go to the places the airplanes will take me. And I want to eat good food, and I want to meet cool people, I want to do cool shit. Um, and I think that I think that, I think that that's even like, another little thing that we can talk about is like, just doing something new. Like if self care is not something that you're used to doing, give it a go. or travel somewhere, invest in your ongoing like, just general happiness and well being. If you need to go to the beach and soak up some vitamin D, then book yourself a hotel room and go do it. I think as as you become more boss, if you're doing this right, then you're making more and more money as you do it and taking some of that money and investing it back into yourself. Just as you do a business. Like it's always perfectly acceptable for people to take the money, the profit that they make, and invest it back in their business. And I want to challenge you to invest it back in yourself. Go get a snazzy haircut occasionally, and go get some good for you skincare products, go get go book a vacation because God knows you probably need it. I think that I think that investing in yourself is just as important, if not more important than investing back in your business.

Kathleen Shannon 31:29
I have a friend that is really integrating self care into her routine by trying one new thing a week. And so the first week, it was just going to the steam and sauna. The second week, it was going to a bar three class the next week. And she's layering these on top of each other. So it's like every day. So she's starting with just one thing a week. But then the next week, it's two things a week, and then eventually, it's probably going to add up to where she's doing one thing every day. That is really intentional self care. And I think for me, here's where I got really lazy about it is that I just thought, Oh, well, I am taking care of myself. I'm working out I'm eating well. I'm doing the typical self care stuff. But I think that this is where it's important to define it as like intentional self care. And so for me to be intentional about taking care of myself. I need to be intentional about the things that I'm not making time for the things that are priorities that I'm just not making time for. So yeah, I feel so inspired now, to be journaling some stuff out to bust out my tarot cards

Emily Thompson 32:40
to watch that makeup off your face. Do you do you wash or do you wash your face every night? Oh, yeah,

Kathleen Shannon 32:47
yeah, yeah, I wash my face every night. I wash my face with I use like a Oh, here, maybe I can include links in our show notes. Yeah, to some products, but I use this THC oil cleanser. And so I use that first and then I use like a lush, charcoal activated. I brought some extra if you want to try it. And kind of like exfoliator situation. Yeah, yeah, I get all this stuff off.

Emily Thompson 33:19
So So mine is mines even. Mines funny. I'm such a fucking hippie sometimes. I use Dr. Bronner's to wash my face.

Kathleen Shannon 33:29
Does it drag you out?

Emily Thompson 33:32
I have relatively oily skin, but then and then I use I'm once your eyes with avocado oil, that I squeeze a couple of capsules like gel capsules of vitamin n paired with a little bit of rose essential oil. Id and that's my life.

Kathleen Shannon 33:50
I do have a rose. facial toner from lush and lush is pretty hippie stuff too. Yeah, it's all natural. or most of it is they use some fragrance in their things. So don't trust everything. Um, but I use like a rose tonic spray that I really like.

Emily Thompson 34:08
Yeah, Rosie has been killing it for me lately. Totally doing some wonderful things for the bags under my eyes. And yeah, I read somewhere recently that rose is like the highest vibrating. Like essential oil. Like has the highest vibrations.

Kathleen Shannon 34:25
I know that it's really expensive if you get the good stuff. How do you feel about like plastic surgery or body modifications? As far as looks go?

Emily Thompson 34:34
I'm all for it. Oh boy, have

Unknown Speaker 34:37
you had it? Yeah.

Emily Thompson 34:39
I had a breast reduction whenever I was 19.

Unknown Speaker 34:44
That's the thing.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
I had a breast reduction this year.

Unknown Speaker 34:51
Name is Fox.

Unknown Speaker 34:54
I've got nothing left.

Emily Thompson 34:57
True that you have less than I do. But no, I'm all for that. I've actually I've talked to a lot of people lately. It's funny, who have brought that up to me. I'm absolutely all for it, I think, especially under the right circumstances and for the right reasons, it should absolutely be done if it's for you. Yeah, do it.

Kathleen Shannon 35:21
Alright, I'm gonna get Botox.

Emily Thompson 35:24
Oh, this was recalculate.

Kathleen Shannon 35:26
I've also thought about getting my teeth done. People were in the BS clubhouse. So in our clubhouse, which is you can find it at being boss, dot club slash clubhouse, we have a Slack channel. So it's kind of like a miniature version of the Facebook group, but a little bit more concentrated. We have more fun stuff in there like a book club. Anyway, we have a health and beauty channel and someone was in there talking about veneers on their teeth. Yeah, he's like, I'm gonna get some veneers. Anyway, this is not a vanity podcast. This is a self care podcast, but whatever.

Emily Thompson 36:03
Well, and I think, I think the way we wrap this up beautifully, is by simply saying that you have to invest in yourself just as much as you do. Every other part of your life, in your business, in your relationships, in your kids in your whatever it may be. You invest, you invest your money, you invest your time and your energy, you have priorities and you line them up and you do them and you should be one of those. You should be the top one of those because you can't do all the things that you need to do if you are not sleeping. Or if you are not eating right or if you're not taking care of your body. You cannot perform at your best if you're not taking care of yourself.

Kathleen Shannon 36:51
Amen. Amen. And that's a wrap. It's been really fun recording with you live from New Orleans. Hopefully we'll get to do this more. The next time we will be recording live together will be from Miami.

Emily Thompson 37:05
Yes. And if you want to join us in Miami, we still have some space. So go to beam balls dot club slash Miami and sign up. It's going to be a ton of fun.

Kathleen Shannon 37:17
We have definitely made some forever friendships and I think it kicked off self care for a lot of people coming to New Orleans and really invest in in travel and invest in themselves. And yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
Thank you for listening to being boss. Please be sure to visit our website at the boss club where you can find Show Notes for this episode. Listen to past

Kathleen Shannon 37:38
episodes and discover more of our content that will help you be boss and work and life. If you liked this episode, please share it with a friend and show us love by leaving a rating and review on iTunes.

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I just totally sipping your socks

Kathleen Shannon 38:31
it's brand new. It was brand new good. sniffing yourself.

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Hello and

Emily Thompson 38:41
hello my throat sounded funny.

Kathleen Shannon 38:45
Okay Hello

Unknown Speaker 38:52

Unknown Speaker 38:53
We got the