Episode #64 // Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices with Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

March 22, 2016

Today we’re talking with Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit. He’s talking with us today about all things email marketing: How ConvertKit works for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, the ins and outs of creating valuable opt-ins, how to nurture your email list, and how to manage that list in all sizes.

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"Email is the only channel where you actually own that relationship."
- Nathan Barry

Discussed in this Episode

  • How ConvertKit does email marketing differently than other options (6:50)
  • Creating content upgrades that provide value (9:44)
  • Why email is so important right now and why it's here to stay (19:46)
  • Managing an email lists of different sizes (25:07)
  • Segmenting your newsletter list for effective marketing (28:41)
  • Email marketing best practices as an online business (36:07)
  • Setting up email sequences timed out for new subscribers (36:33)


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