Podcast Episode #8 // Being Boss and Being Mom

Podcast Episode #8 // Being Boss and Being Mom

In today’s episode of Being Boss Kathleen and Emily share how they manage being boss while also being working moms. This episode is for new parents and even creative entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a family but don’t know how they’ll manage it all.

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Topics discussed:

  • Emily shares what it’s like to homeschool her 7 year old while also managing Indie Shopography
  • Kathleen shares what it’s like to have a new baby while managing Braid Creative
  • The challenges of being a working creative parent
  • Can you “have it all” and the mindset shifts you have to make as a mompreneur
  • The parallels between starting a business and starting a family
  • Daycare? Work from home? Nanny? Childcare solutions are limitless when you work for yourself
  • Getting habits and routines in place to make work and life so you can have creative freedom
  • Why self-care is so important for the creative #momboss
  • Setting clear expectations and boundaries with your family (and yourself) so you can be a boss at work

Being mom and being boss


'You can have it all but only if you're very clear on what you want.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'The first couple years of baby and business are going to feel like a shit show.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet

Not giving up own identity as a mom


'What has kept me a sane as a working mom is not giving up my own identity.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'I want to feel freedom and that affects how I make decisions as a parent.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet

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