Episode 257

Project Management and Building Systems for Creatives and Freelancers with Mary Williams

April 27, 2021

Project management is an important skillset for entrepreneurs – it’s the work that will allow you to take a big idea and turn it into reality. But as business owners in the modern age, we tend to think of project management not as the skillset, but as the tool, the shiny piece of software that we believe will lessen the load. In reality, without understanding the basics of a project management plan and of the systems and processes that make up your business, the software will not help, as Mary Williams presents in this episode, along with some non-tech practices for discovering how you need to project manage, and yes – the best software and technology for bringing your business processes into the digital age.

Mary Williams Founder of Sensible Woo
Episode Transcript
"I believe everybody has the ability to learn how to be organized in the way that works for them."
- Mary Williams

Discussed in this Episode

  • Mary's journey from Digital Archivist in Disney to being an entrepreneur
  • The analogy of the "Business Gym"
  • Struggles bosses encounter in project management
  • Digital Feng Shui and Sensible Woo
  • Basic systems and software to assist you in making your business run smoothly
  • The magic of post-it notes for uncovering your business systems and processes

Resources Mentioned