Episode 258

4 Mindset Shifts Entrepreneurs Must Make to Achieve Success

May 11, 2021

When it comes to pursuing the path of an entrepreneur, the positions that we put ourselves in as decision-makers, creators, community leaders and change-makers can be a breeding ground for mindset challenges. Finding success requires business mindset shifts and having the perseverance to continue to improve yourself, skill sets, and endeavors. In this episode, we provide essential entrepreneurial resources for tackling 4 common not-boss mindsets so that you can embody a successful entrepreneur.

Episode Transcript
"Most often, when it’s hard, *that’s* what’s going to get you to your version of success."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Identifying and overcoming fraudy feelings
  • Understanding you are NOT the only one who can do all the things in your business
  • Choosing entrepreneurship means embracing hard work and problem solving
  • One bad decision will not cause your business to fail
  • Emily shares an exercise for challenging your belief in things that will cause failure
  • HubSpot Podcast Network Launch
  • Being Boss Community Book Club
  • Adam Grant's positive view of Imposter Syndrome

Resources Mentioned

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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