Episode 198

Tarot, Spiritual Baths, & Creative Business with Tatianna Tarot

October 16, 2018

You know we can’t stay away from the Tarot for too long, so today we are so excited to be joined by Tatianna Morales of Tatianna Tarot who is talking with us all about her journey and approach to Tarot, creating a ritual bath, being a spiritual creative business owner, and incorporating magic and ritual into motherhood.


Episode Transcript
"We're so accustomed to overanalyzing and over-rationalizing that it's important for us to move out of the way, tap into that sense of feeling, and allow yourself to tell a story."
- Tatianna Morales

Discussed in this Episode

  • Tatianna's work and journey to creative entrepreneurship
  • Tatianna's style of teaching and reading the Tarot
  • Prepping for a Tarot reading
  • Tatianna's ritual work
  • Creating a spiritual or magical bath
  • How to approach invoking deities and energies
  • Using Tarot to navigate work and life decisions
  • Lessons in building a creative or spiritual business
  • Bringing magic and ritual into motherhood
  • Tatianna's go-to tools and talismans

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