Episode #199 // Crystals for Creatives with Hibiscus Moon

"Crystals are geometrically perfect at the molecular level and because of that, they're more stable and have low entropy. They have this unique ability to influence the energies around them."
- Hibiscus Moon

Raise your hand if you have a crystal or two sitting on your desk? Beyond being just pretty, we love getting woo with them, but in today’s episode, we’ve got Crystal Healer, Hibiscus Moon, sharing how some of these woo feelings around crystals are actually scientifically backed. We’re digging into how crystals work, the energetic properties of crystals, and what crystals are beneficial for creative entrepreneurs.

“Crystals are geometrically perfect at the molecular level and because of that, they’re more stable and have low entropy. They have this unique ability to influence the energies around them.” -Hibiscus Moon

“If someone is highly skeptical about crystals, it’s probably not going to work for them.” -Hibiscus Moon


  • Hibiscus Moon's journey to crystals
  • What is a crystal and how do crystals work scientifically?
  • The energetic properties of crystals
  • Does size matter when it comes to crystals? And how do you amplify their frequencies
  • How you might be affected by crystals
  • Programming crystals vs. tuning into crystals
  • Properties of some of our favorite crystals
  • Yoni eggs and facial rollers
  • Responsibly shopping for crystals
  • Crystals for creative entrepreneurs
  • Best practices for storing crystals


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If you're highly skeptical, crystals probably won't work for you


What crystal are you vibing with most right now?

5 thoughts on “Episode #199 // Crystals for Creatives with Hibiscus Moon

  1. I love my carnelian because of its bold energy, creative stimulation, and confidence-boosting properties. Plus, it’s beautiful!

  2. It’s so hard for me to choose just one! I sleep with amethyst under my pillow to ward off nightmares and promote good sleep. I love amazonite for clearing toxic emotions. I love clear quartz and rose quartz to reduce stress and anxiety. And finally black tourmaline and selenite for protection from negative energies.

  3. Labradorite is always my favorite, but I’ve been super in love with a Star Ruby ring I picked up in New Orleans at the last #BeingBossNOLA. It feels super special!

    1. Emily, I bought my first labradorite point (tower?) from Almanac along with a tourminalated quartz point and when I unpacked them the labradorite literally ZINGED a bolt of energy up my arm. I shouted and nearly flung it across the room bc I was so surprised. I have NEVER had a physical response to a crystal before, though I’ve loved them my whole life. So my next thought was, oooh, okay. something’s here for me to learn and connect with and it’s been so interesting meditating with it! it’s allowed an unfurling and affirmation of my connection to the divine and I’m so thankful I found you guys through such a seemingly random string of tangents (Whole30 to Melissa Hartwig to the Being Boss book & podcast to Almanac). You have a fan for life! xo
      PS: is there a video uploaded somewhere of these interviews? I hunted on YouTube but looks like nothing has been uploaded for a while? I wanted to see the beauties Hibiscus Moon brought to share! 🙂

  4. Smokey Quartz is my go to! But lately I’ve been really into my carnelian (I think that’s what it is!). But like Hibiscus Moon mentions in the podcast I think I’m pretty dense / insensitive to “feeling” the crystals and just go for what looks attractive to me in the moment.

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