Episode #200 // Surprising Business Lessons – LIVE from New Orleans

October 30, 2018

We’re celebrating 200 episodes of the Being Boss podcast live from our Being Boss NOLA vacation! Today we’re digging into the business lessons we’ve learned over 200 episodes and we’re hearing from some of the bosses at our vacation as well. There’s so much good stuff in here about mindset, boundaries, habits & routines, community, and living your life.

“Company culture is an important part of your business as well.” -Kathleen Shannon

“Project management is a skill that I think everyone should have if you want to run a business.” -Emily Thompson

“Getting narrow is important—especially for creatives who need to figure out what they’re doing next.” -Emily Thompson

“Whenever you’re highly systemized and create too many processes, it kills the magic.” -Emily Thompson

“The goal is to prefer your life to your work.” -Emily Thompson

Learn More about the Topics Discussed in this Episode
"The goal is to prefer your life to your work."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • The mindsets we've cultivated over 200 episodes at Being Boss
  • What exactly makes an entrepreneur?
  • Practicing your values
  • Habits & routines we've cultivated
  • The importance of project management as a business owner
  • Lessons on setting boundaries for your business
  • Nurturing and creating community as a creative entrepreneur
  • What we've learned about doing the work
  • Getting narrow vs. staying broad
  • Lessons in building a boss life


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