Episode 31 // How to Make the Daily Grind Dreamy

August 4, 2015

This week we’re exploring how to make the daily grind a little more dreamy. Even though we love our jobs as creative entrepreneurs, we’re no strangers to getting bogged down in the day-to-day unglamorous side of things. So we’re talking about how to get in the right mindset with your dream job, so you can be more productive and happy too.

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This Episode Brought to You By:
"Busy isn't the solution for getting things done, it's being productive and enjoying what you do."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Post-vacation depression and getting back into work
  • How to make the daily grind a little more dreamy
  • Getting in the right mindset with meditation
  • Accepting the mindset that a dream job is not always dreamy
  • Habits and routines for the daily grind—and sometimes breaking those routines
  • Leveraging your creative pack to make your daily grind more dreamy
  • Setting some boundaries in your daily grind
  • Actionable tips to make the daily grind a little more dreamy


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