Episode 246

Time Management for Business Owners

November 24, 2020

According to our annual listener survey, year after year, time management is the biggest struggle for bosses. In a year where all of the rules of normal business operations have been thrown out the window, Emily is revisiting what it means to manage your time by prioritizing the right tasks to get the job done, by spending less time doing more, and by giving you plenty of time leftover to live your life.

Episode Transcript
"Not all tasks are created equal."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • The biggest struggle for our audience: time management
  • Identifying your non-negotiables
  • Knowing you and your time's worth
  • Understanding your priorities
  • Practices and tactics for planning out your week
  • Project managing months ahead of time
  • Practicing the time blocking tactic
  • How time tracking can help

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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