November 14, 2018

S2E5 // The Dark Side of Product Business

Okay, so if you think building a product-based business sounds super dreamy, we’re here to get real and talk about the darker side of product and retail business. In this episode of Making a Business, we’re digging into consumerism, waste, and the ever-lurking copycat.

“If you don’t give up, and you put in the time and effort, you can absolutely find solutions that fit your needs.” -Emily Thompson

“We have to balance what consumers want with what consumers will pay for.” -Emily Thompson

“When I started Almanac, I unfollowed everyone who was doing something even remotely related to candles so that my creations could be my creations, not influenced by anyone else’s creations.” -Emily Thompson


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"We have to balance what consumers want with what consumers will pay for."
- Emily Thompson


  • Balancing being a minimalist with asking other people to buy more of your stuff
  • Finding packaging as a product/retail business and managing packaging waste
  • Balancing what a customer asks for with what a customer will pay for
  • Consumer education
  • Dealing with copy-cats in product business


What consumers want vs. what consumers will pay for
Dark Side of Product Business