Episode 274

Building a (Chocolate) Legacy with Ella Livingston

November 9, 2021

What is your legacy? Starting a business is a generational venture for many business owners in today’s world. In this episode, Emily Thompson chats with Ella Livingston of Cocoa Asante about how starting a business can contribute to building a legacy for your family. They discuss how the chocolate industry works, why Ella is passionate about sustainable and ethical cocoa farming, and how it all ties into her vision of building a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Episode Transcript

Discussed in this Episode

  • Ella’s story of how she got into the chocolate business
  • How to chocolate industry works, the breakdown of profits from the world’s chocolate model
  • What Ghana is doing in taking a stand against chocolate corruption
  • Ella’s family cocoa farming story and the legacy she wants to leave behind
  • How building a legacy is fueling Ella and the women in her family to build more opportunity
  • What other types of legacies we can connect ourselves with other than strictly family legacy
  • Thinking about building better legacies and breaking old ones
  • How Ella is implementing her larger vision into upcoming business goals

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